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Search for Text in a Virtual Service

Last update June 17, 2016

You can search for text across the following components of a virtual service:

  • Request arguments
  • Request attributes
  • Request metadata
  • Response body
  • Response metadata
  • Response think time
  • Signature name
  • Signature notes
  • Specific name
  • Unknown response

The following graphic shows the search interface. The results appear in a table. The results are ordered from most significant to least significant.

Screen capture of search interface.

The Type column indicates whether the result is part of a stateless transaction or a conversation.

The Sub Type column indicates the type of component where the result is located.

The Operation column is blank for unknown responses.

The Snippet column highlights the location of the text.

If no search options are selected and you enter two or more words in the search field, an OR search is performed.

If no search options are selected, you can do partial word matches. For example, you can search for the letters pri in primary.

If you receive too many results or too few results, consider adjusting the search options and filters.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open a virtual service.
  2. (Optional) Configure the search options:
    • Whole Word
      Searches must match the exact word or phrase.
    • Match Case
      Searches are case sensitive.
    • Reg Ex
      The text in the search field is treated as a regular expression. The Reg Ex option is mutually exclusive with the Whole Word and Match Case options.
  3. (Optional) Configure the filters.
  4. Enter the text in the search field.
    As you type, suggestions are displayed below the search field.
  5. Click a suggestion or press Enter.
    If the search text is found, one or more results appear.
  6. Click an entry in the table.
    The editor displays the component where the text is located.
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