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DevTest Solutions - 9.5
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License Administration

Last update July 21, 2016

The DevTest 8.0 and later license agreement is based on the maximum allowed concurrent user sessions by user type. Contact your account team if you have any questions about your specific licensing agreement.

The license is file-based, where there is one file for the enterprise. This file activates DevTest Solutions at the initial startup following installation.

The Local License Server (LLS) and Internet Based License Server are no longer supported for DevTest Solutions 8.0 and later.

Concurrent usage data by user type is automatically collected.

The Enterprise Dashboard produces licensing reporting.

A Usage Audit Report, which reports maximum concurrent usage by user type, is a tool that helps you assess compliance with the license agreement.

For more information, see How Licensing, ACLs, and Audit Reports Work Together.

The following diagram shows the activation of DevTest Solutions by a license file that is stored with the Enterprise Dashboard. The registries collect audit data from the UIs and CLIs that users log in to, including the Workstation, the Portal, and command-line utilities such as TestRunner and adduser. The registries forward the audit data to the Enterprise Dashboard. Administrators can generate a DevTest Solutions Usage Audit Report to verify compliance with the license agreement.

License Server to Client Data Center

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