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DevTest Solutions - 8.0.2
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Test Runner

Last update July 8, 2016

The Test Runner command-line utility is a "headless" version of DevTest Workstation with the same functionality, but no user interface. That is, it can be run as a stand-alone application.

Test Runner lets you run tests as batch applications. You give up the opportunity to monitor tests in real time, but you still can request reports for later viewing.

  • On Windows, Test Runner is available in the LISA_HOME\bin directory as a Windows executable, TestRunner.exe.
  • On UNIX, Test Runner is available as a UNIX executable, TestRunner, and a UNIX script,

Test Runner lets you incorporate DevTest tests into a continuous build workflow. Or, use Test Runner with JUnit to run standard JUnit tests in Ant or some other build tool.

Test Runner provides the following options:

TestRunner [-h] [[-u username] [-p password] [-r StagingDocument] [-t TestCaseDocument] [-cs CoordinatorServerName]] | [-s TestSuiteDocument] [-m TestRegistryName] [-a] [-config configurationFileName] 

To display help information for Test Runner, use the -h or the --help option.

TestRunner -h 

To display the version number, use the --version option.

As Part of an Automated Build

DevTest test cases can be incorporated into an automatic build and test process. DevTest provides the additional software that is required to use Java Ant, and Java JUnit, and an example Ant build script.

DevTest test cases are run and reported as native JUnit tests.

Test Runner can be used in standard JUnit tests using a custom Java class. For more information, see Running DevTest Solutions with Ant and JUnit.

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