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DevTest Solutions - 8.0.2
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Using the Workstation and Console with CA Application Test

Last update April 7, 2015


DevTest Workstation

DevTest Workstation is an integrated environment for developing, staging, and monitoring tests.

You can work in a DevTest Workstation version or in a DevTest Server environment.

In DevTest Workstation, the tests are managed and run in the Workstation environment. DevTest Workstation is a test client that QA/QE, development, and business analysis teams use to test the following components:

  • Rich browser and web user interfaces
  • The building blocks below the user interface

DevTest Workstation is used to build and stage, all in a code-less manner: unit, functional, integration, regression, and business process testing. DevTest Workstation requires a registry to run. Tests are managed and run in the DevTest Workstation environment (test authoring IDE), which runs embedded coordinator and simulator servers.

In DevTest Server, the tests are also managed and run in the Workstation environment. The workstation then connects to the server to deploy and monitor tests that were developed in DevTest Workstation.

The server-side engine for DevTest test cases and virtual services (test and virtual service model authoring IDE) manages, schedules, and orchestrates DevTest test cases continually for unit, functional, load, and performance tests.

DevTest Console

The web-based DevTest Console provides access to the following consoles and dashboards:

  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Continuous Validation Service
  • Server Console

Reporting Dashboard

A report viewer displays event and metric information, and information that is derived from data that was captured during the running of tests. You can use a staging document to set the events and metrics to capture for reporting purposes.

For more information, see Reports.

Continuous Validation Service

The Continuous Validation Service (CVS) lets you schedule tests and test suites to run regularly over an extended time period.

For more information, see Continuous Validation Service (CVS).

Server Console

The Server Console enables you to manage labs and to configure role-based access control. The Server Console is also where you access the VSE Dashboard.

For more information, see Cloud DevTest LabsAccess Control (ACL), and VSE Dashboard.

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