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DevTest Solutions - 10.4
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HTTP and SSL Debug Viewer

Last update December 10, 2014

The HTTP and SSL Debug Viewer lets you observe the details of HTTP and SSL activity in DevTest Workstation. This feature can be helpful in performing diagnostics.

You access the viewer by selecting Help, HTTP/SSL Debug from the main menu.

The vertical bar at the left indicates the category of each line:

  • The color green is used for HTTP requests.
  • The color navy is used for HTTP responses.
  • Diagonal stripes are used for SSL. An extra purple bar appears for the SSL handshake summary.

The lines are color coded as follows:

  • The color green is used for HTTP request headers.
  • The color navy is used for HTTP response headers.
  • The color black is used for normal output.
  • The color gray is used for unimportant output.
  • The color teal is used for interesting output.
  • The color magenta is used for important output.
  • The color dark orange is used for warning output.
  • The color red is used for error output
  • The color purple is used for summary output.

The bracketed number at the beginning of each line is a thread identifier. Multiple threads can act on the same connection.

The viewer creates the SSL output by parsing the messages in a debug log.

The SSL output includes a summary of the handshake process. When diagnosing an SSL problem, start by reviewing the handshake summary. If you need more details, review the output that appears before the summary. The viewer might not have all the data that you must have to solve the problem.

You can copy the output and paste it into a separate window as plain text. The colors are not included in the pasted version.

The viewer lets you specify whether to show all the lines, HTTP lines only, or SSL lines only.

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