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DevTest Solutions - 10.1
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Compare Strings for Next Step Lookup Step

Last update November 5, 2015

Use the Compare Strings for Next Step Lookup step to review an incoming request and determine the appropriate next step. You can match incoming requests using partial text match and regular expression, and others.

Each matching criterion specifies the name of the step to which to transfer if the match succeeds.

Complete the following fields as described:

  • Text to match
    Enter the text against which the criteria are matched. This value is typically a property reference, such as LASTRESPONSE.
  • Range to match
    Enter the start and end of the range.
  • If no match found
    From the list, select the step to go to if no match is found.
  • If Environment Error

    Specifies the action to take or the step to go to if the test fails because of an environment error.

    Default: Abort the test.

  • Next Step Entries
    Add, move, and delete entries.
  • Enabled
    Specifies whether to enable or ignore an entry. Clear this check box to ignore an entry.
    Default: Selected when you add an entry.
  • Name
    Enter a unique name for the next step entry.
  • Delay Spec
    Enter the delay specification range. The default is 1000-10000, which indicates to use a randomly selected delay time from 1000 milliseconds through 10000 milliseconds. The syntax is the same format as Think Time specifications.
  • Criteria
    This area provides the string to compare against the Text to match field. To edit the criteria:
    In the Case Response Entries area select the appropriate row.
    From the Criteria list, select a setting.
  • Compare Type
    Select an option from the list:
    • Find in string
    • Regular expression
    • Starts with
    • Ends with
    • Exactly equals
    Default: Find in string
  • Next Step
    From the list, select the step to go to if the match is found.
  • Criteria
    You can update the criteria string for an entry.
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