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Scriptable Data Protocol

Last update December 1, 2016

The Scriptable data protocol is available for situations where you need a small amount of processing on the request, the response, or both. Sample scripts are written in BeanShell. Your script can be written in any scripting language that CA Application Test supports.

To specify a language other than BeanShell for the script, enter the language on the first line of the script.


  • applescript (for OS X)
  • beanshell
  • freemarker
  • groovy
  • javaScript
  • velocity



Default: beanshell

To use additional scripting languages, see "Enabling Additional Scripting Languages."

When you specify a Scriptable data protocol on the request side, the following window opens.

Screenshot of Scriptable Data Protocol request side.

Two scripts are available on the response side: one for recording and one for playback. You can use the Response - Recording script to convert the recorded response into a format that VSE can process. Then, after it is processed, you can use the Response - Playback script to return it to the format that the System Under Test expects.

You can add your own script to perform any actions you want on the request, the response, or both.

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