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Combine Service Images

Last update December 14, 2014

Combining service images is useful when you want to add functionality to an existing service image.

Follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the service image on the Project panel and select Combine.
    The Combine Service Images dialog opens.
  2. Select one or more service images to combine with the original image (the target).
  3. To replace what is in the matching target data, select the Favor source image(s) check box.
    When you combine service images, each stateless transaction (at the Meta level) from each source service image is matched against each one in the target service image. For each one that matches, the specific transactions from the source are matched against the ones in the target. When no matches are found, the source transactions are added to the target image. When they do match, the transactions must be merged.
    You have the choice of having the source data (for example, response bodies) replace what is in the matching target transaction. You can also leave the target data as-is.

Note: The process for combining conversations is similar. For each conversation in each source service image, the starter transaction is matched against each starter in the conversations of the target. If no starter matches, new conversations are created in the target image. If they do match, the same process for the stateless list is applied to each Meta node in the source conversation tree. The process adds new transactions and merges matching transactions as appropriate.

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