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DevTest Solutions - 10.1
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Sample Performance Benchmarks for Basic Service Virtualization

Last update May 3, 2017

The DevTest development team performed testing to show benchmarks for performance of service virtualization. You can use these benchmarks to help tune the performance of your system.

The following data represents a simple scenario to identify the behavior of VSE under heavy load. The variation of the independent variable has been limited to the payload size. Performance data has been collected for the following payload sizes: 1 KB, 10 KB, and 100 KB.

Environment Details

The following graphic pictures the topology of the Performance Lab.

Performance Lab Topology

System Specifications for All Machines Except Load Generator

Windows 2012 R2 64-bit VMs
4 individual cores assigned and reserved
16 GB reserved
Hard Drive
100 GB
Intel® Xeon® CPU ES-2680 v3 @ 2.5GHz, 1 Core

DevTest version:

JVM Arguments

  • -Xmx2048m
  • -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC

DevTest Properties

  • lisa.vse.performance.enabled=true
  • lisa.pathfinder.on=false
  • vse.socket.reuse=true
  • lisa.dcm.maxExpandPerLoadChange=50
  • lisa.jpm.MaxInstances=5000
  • lisa.jpm.unlimited=false
  • lisa.overloadThreshold=30000
  • lisa.eventPool.maxQueueSize=65535
  • lisa.CycleExecHistory.buffer.size=2

Virtual Service configuration

Execution Mode Most Efficient
Think Scale 0
Capacity 20
Transaction type Stateless
Match Style Signature
Log Level


Other components: WARN

A single virtual service was deployed to the VSE. Each HTTP call produces a single transaction count in the VSE. There is no search and replacement activity involved in this transaction. The service returns an exact match response. Further processing is required neither at the requests nor the response level.

Test Results

JSON Response Payload Size Average TPS Max TPS Total Transactions per Run

Memory Utilization

(VSE Server)

CPU Utilization

(VSE Server)

Data Protocol
1 KB 10,822 11,560 39,202,897 13% 93% REST Data Protocol
10 KB 8,405 8,808 29,888,786 18% 90% REST Data Protocol
100 KB 2,974 3176 10,635,062 13% 90% REST Data Protocol

Duration of each test run: 60 minutes during off-peak hours

The data that are provided in the previous table represents the number of transactions that are handled by the VSE during each 60-minute test run.

System Resources Utilization

The following charts represent data that were captured from the VSE server machine during the execution of each test run. The machines hosting the database utilized a very modest amount of resources. The machine hosting the registry consumed limited CPU time (2 to 3%) and approximately 40% of the available RAM. Disk activity of the registry ranged from 50 to 100 KB/sec. This demonstrates that the machines supporting the VSE machine do not represent a bottleneck during the test runs. 


  • RED:  CPU Utilization          
  • GREEN: Memory Available in GB (out of 16 GB)

Test Run With Payload of 1 KB

Test run with payload of 1 KB

Available Memory: 13.5 GB out of total of 16 GB

Test Run With Payload of 10 KB

Test run with payload of 10 KB

 Available Memory: 13.4 GB out of total of 16 GB 

Test Run With Payload of 100 KB

Test run with payload of 100 KB

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  1. Cassiano Ziegler Bein
    2017-05-03 01:12

    I believe we are missing the header in the results table in this page. Could someone adjust that, please?

    1. Anne Rhoades
      2017-05-03 02:22

      Cassiano - Sure, let me take a look.