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DevTest Solutions - 10.0
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Maintain Registries

Last update March 9, 2016

The registry gets a license from the Enterprise Dashboard and stores and forwards its use counts to the dashboard.

Maintaining registries involves the following procedure:

  • Add the registry of a DevTest Server and then validate the registry.

To add a registry (DevTest 7.5.x through 9.0.x):

  1. Navigate to the LISA_HOME directory of a newly installed DevTest Server.
  2. Copy and rename the copy to
  3. Open for edit. Locate Section 1 - Enterprise Dashboard.
  4. Uncomment the following line and substitute localhost or the valid hostname for somehost. Use the hostname for the CIC Enterprise Dashboard bridge.

    For 8.x and later:


    For 7.5.x:


  5. Save and exit.
  6. Restart the registry.

To activate CIC for registries older than Release 9.1:

DevTest uses CIC to support pre-9.1 registries with Enterprise Dashboard 9.1 or later. If your registries are Release 9.1 or later, you do not need to activate CIC.

  1. Start Enterprise Dashboard
  2. Start CIC by executing LISA_HOME/bin/EnterpriseDashboardCIC.exe.
  3. Modify the lisa.enterprisedashboard.service.url property for every legacy registry to point to the host where CIC is running: lisa.enterprisedashboard.service.url=tcp://<host>:2003/EnterpriseDashboard
  4. Restart the legacy registry.
  5. Start the DevTest Enterprise Dashboard UI if it is not running.
  6. Confirm that the legacy registry appears on the home page display.
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