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How to Use CA XCOM Data Transport Scripts

Last update September 26, 2017

Use the CA XCOM Data Transport Scripts to handle processing after a transfer has been submitted. Use them for controlling print-spooling, managing notification facilities, and additional processing after you submit a transfer. You can perform these processings on the file submitted/received or some additional tasks. These exits are invoked by specifying the appropriate post-processing parameter in XCOM.GLB.






Sample Scripts

These scripts are provided with CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows as sample scripts, in batch files (.bat), and they can be tailored to meet individual user requirements, if necessary.

Interact with the Window Station and Desktop

Some scripts create new processes that must continue running after the script is returned to the transfer partner. To prevent the new process from being terminated, you must include the user in the CA XCOM Batch Interactive group.

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