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CA Unified Infrastructure Management - 8.4
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Admin Console

Last update July 28, 2016

An alternative to Infrastructure Manager, Admin Console provides a growing number of equivalent management capabilities. Its browser-based GUI allows you to manage your CA UIM infrastructure on virtually any desktop or server operating system. Admin Console can also be run within a portlet in UMP.

Users with administrator or superuser permissions can access Admin Console.

Admin Console (accessible in a web browser, or "stand-alone" mode) is installed and available on the primary hub after CA UIM Server installation is complete. To access it, go to the CA UIM web page (http://<servername_or_IP_address>:<service_host_port>), then click Admin Console in the CA UIM Server Administration section. The Admin Console portlet is installed during UMP installation.

Admin Console Interface

Admin Console has the following elements.

  • The Main window provides a view of your infrastructure:
    • The left navigation pane displays the hubs and robots in a heirarchy.
    • The right pane displays either robot or probe information based on your selection in the navigation pane.
    • At the top of each section is a filter you can use to customize your view of the interface.
  • The Infrastructure button in the upper left of the main window displays your infrastructure components in the right pane. If you:
    • Select a hub in the navigation pane, the right side of the screen displays the robot information and properties for that hub.
    • Select a robot in the navigation pane, the right pane provides four options for accessing information about your robot: Robot Properties, Probes, Packages Installed, and Environment variables.
  • The Archive button in the upper left of the main window displays the CA UIM probe package archive in the right pane:
    • You can deploy, import, group, and delete probe packages in this view.
    • The local archive screen displays the probes that reside in the archive on the hub. The local archive contains all probes that were installed during CA UIM installation, and those that have been downloaded subsequently.
    • The web archive screen displays the list of probe packages on the CA UIM support archive.
    • The distribution activity screen displays a log of probe package distributions, along with the status of each distribution.

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