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CA Unified Infrastructure Management Probes
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sybase (Sybase Monitoring) Release Notes

Last update July 9, 2018

The Sybase Monitoring (sybase) probe allows you to monitor real-time events occurring in the Sybase server. The probe provides parameters to measure the real-time database operations. The probe also allows you to create custom checkpoints as required to define monitoring profiles. You can set up multiple monitoring profiles using these checkpoints to extract vital information about the database servers at specified intervals. You can also configure these profiles to generate alarms and QoS when the specified threshold of an event is breached and identify performance issues in servers. You can then diagnose and resolve these issues, and take preventive measures to ensure an optimal server run time.

Important! The probe can be deployed and configured on the same system as the Sybase server (local) or as a remote probe.


Revision History

This section describes the history of the revisions for this probe.

Note: Support case(s) may not be viewable to all customers.

Version Description State Date

Fixed Defects:

  • The probe did not expand the $free variable for the database_size checkpoint. Support case number 427879
  • The probe did not automatically clear alarms for the locked_user checkpoint. For more information, see the Known Issues and Workarounds section. Support case number 427879
  • The probe crashed with a run time error in the following situations for user defined templates:
    • Specifying invalid entries in QoS in template QoS list
    • Editing message variables in template queries
GA October 2016

What's New:

  • Added a feature to use alarm source as QoS source.
  • Added support to rename profile name and connection name from IM GUI.

Fixed Defects:

  • The probe generated QoS and alarms for excluded patterns defined in thresholds and monitors. Salesforce case 00161495
  • The probe displayed password in clear text in probe logs. Salesforce case 00169670
  • The probe displayed incorrect alarms and QoS when the backup server was used. Salesforce cases 246449, 246780
GA October 2015

Fixed Defects:

  • Fixed a defect in which the default threshold values for some alarms were incorrect. Salesforce case 00145161
  • Fixed a defect in which the probe GUI was not displaying the correct custom checkpoint schedules. Salesforce case 00145051
GA January 2015

What's New:

  • Added support for encrypted authentication between the probe and the sybase database server for Linux and Solaris OS.
  • Added support for Windows 2012 R2.

Fixed Defects:

  • Fixed a defect where DevID and MetID are not generated for alarm and QoS.
GA September 2014

Fixed Defects:

  • Defect fixed related to sybase probe not able to display configuration correctly. Schedules were not visible in custom checkpoints on reopening the probe GUI.
  January 2014
  • Added probe defaults feature.
  • Fixed an issue where description of checkpoints buffer_memory, stp_memory, and total_memory were incorrect.
  November 2012
  • Fixed an issue with the database_size checkpoint where it was returning incorrect values when some DB has mixed devices.
  • Fixed an issue where description of checkpoints buffer_memory, stp_memory and total_memory were incorrect.
  • Functionality to set up a schedule for each alarm in custom and built-in checkpoints added.
  • Functionality to set up key specific alarms in custom checkpoints added. Functionality to add custom checkpoints added.
  • Functionality to generate QoS metrics from multiple columns that are returned by query in custom checkpoints added.
  • Thresholds on multiple columns can be created for custom checkpoints.
  • Support for AIX_5.3 64-bit added.
  • Support for Solaris 64-bit sparcv9 added.
  September 2012
  • Applied temporary workaround to memory leak issue by making the probe restart every midnight.
  May 2011
  • Added a checkpoint suspect_pages for reporting if suspect pages are logged for databases.
  • Added a checkpoint agent_job_failure for reporting failed agent jobs within a defined interval.
  • Added new checkpoints ls_primary_status, ls_secondary_status, ls_primary_time_since_last_backup, ls_secondary_time_since_last_copy, ls_secondary_time_since_last_restore and ls_secondary_last_restored_latency checkpoints for monitoring Log Shipping in SQLServer 2005 and above.
  • Added a callback that able to specify wildcard or regex in profile_name value to fetch active profiles.
  • Fixed an issue where the active_connection_ratio checkpoint was not working.
  • Fixed an issue where the checkpoint schedule was running for an extra minute.
  February 2011
  • Fixed an issue where the probe was failing to pick up no. of samples(overridden) correctly for static checkpoints.
  • Fixed a logging issue where the probe was incorrectly logging sqlserver password in plain text.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the probe was failing to return any rows for custom checkpoint queries.
  • Fixed QOS V2 compatibility issue, earlier the probe was not able to send the QOS according to V2 QOS specification.
  • Fixed an issue in manual signed stored procedure feature that is related to permissions.
  • Fixed an issue where the probe was incorrectly converting metric units(such as KB, MB, or GB) for some checkpoints.
  • Fixed an issue where the probe was not able to return any rows in complex custom checkpoint queries.
  • Fixed an issue in logfile_size and logfile_usage checkpoints where the checkpoints were failing when any database is in the middle of recovery. The probe now skips the databases which are being recovered until the recovery is complete and database is online.
  September 2010
  • Fixed Misspelling in description of lock_requests checkpoint
  • Fixed Size reporting for large databases.
  September 2012
  • Fixed SOC Issues.
  August 2010
  • SOC Support Added. 
  • Added support for signed store procedure for standard and custom checkpoints queries. Probe can be run in standard and in sign mode. 
  • Added new checkpoints mirror_state, mirror_witness_server and mirror_sqlinstance for monitoring Database Mirroring state, status of witness server and status of sql server instance hosting mirroring database. 
  • Fixed an issue where sqlusr_cpu store procedure is not deleted after executing queries in SQL Server 2000. 
  • Modified qos_key value for user_cpu checkpoints for avoiding large amount of QoS. 
  • Fixed an issue that is related to the subsystemid field where subsystemid shows wrong value. 
  • Fixed an issue where the long_jobs checkpoint does not send any alarms. 
  • Fixed an issue where logic_fragment checkpoint gives Lock request time-out error. 
  • Fixed Handle leak issue. 
  • Added support for configuring unit as minutes, hours and days in backup_status, transaction_backup_status and differential_backup_status checkpoints. 
  • Added a error alarm message that is sent in checkpoint query execution failure.
  August 2010
  • Added support for the internationalization.
  • Added support for reading alarm tokens from cfg.
  March 2010
  • Fixed division by zero errors for Logfile_Usage and Logfile_Size checkpoints.
  • Added interval_value variable in custom checkpoints, so QoS can be sent on interval_value.
  • Updated QoS definition of logfile_size, for example: removed qos_max.
  November 2008
  • Added a checkpoint logfile_size for reporting database log file size in MB.
  • Initial implementation of the sqlserver probe that is based on V4 database framework.
  • Fixed defects in probe and GUI
  • Added support for extended NIS database information.
  • Implemented support for alarms.cfg.
  • Added a checkpoint blocked_users for calculating blocked user connections
  • Added support for authentication on untrusted domain
  • Fixed an issue in backup_status checkpoint where it was incorrectly reporting logfile_usage QOS
  • Fixed a crash in GUI configurator related to editing message variables
  • Fixed the white-space issue in the GUI configurator
  • Added support for includes functionality in the probe. This feature works the same as the exclude feature
  • Fixed an issue in fg_free_space checkpoint where incorrect values are being reported by the probe
  • Added support for reporting QoS values for long_queries checkpoint
  • Added a checkpoint active_connection_ratio for reporting active connection ratio
  • Added two new checkpoints transaction_backup_status and differential_backup_status for reporting transaction and differential backup status
  • Fixed an issue in GUI configurator where the "Alarm Severity filter" field on the setup tab was editable, now the field is made non-editable
  • Added support for creating custom checkpoints for reporting per-second metric values
  • Added support for configuring separate sql timeouts for checkpoints
  • Added 64-bit support
  • Updated cfx file for message variables in 'server_startup' checkpoint.
  August 2008
  • Fixed security token leak by closing the security tokens when they are not required.
  July 2008
  • In case of custom checkpoints, the query password was not always saved properly. Fixed the query password encryption in GUI.
    If any custom checkpoints are deactivated by the probe, those checkpoints must deleted from the GUI and added again in the probe.
  June 2008
  • Fix for check_dbalive default threshold
  April 2008
  • Fix for check_dbalive default threshold.
  February 2008
  • Problem with test connection fixed.
    the old threshold value "ONLINE" must be corected to the new value "1", using either the GUI or raw config.
    During the migration from sybase probe V2.xx it can happen, that the checkpoint "check_dbalive" threshold does not get translated correctly into new value. In that case, the probe incorrectly report that the database server is not alive, even if it is running.
  December 2007
  • Problem with scheduling corrected
  September 2007
  • The probe is now built with the new Sybase ASE 15 libraries, in addition to the ASE 12 libraries. A post-install program determines which version of Sybase is running to ensure the correct version of the probe is used.
  August 2006
  • cfg parameter "noResponse_severity" introduced to change "Report Generation Time exceeded..." alarm severity
  November 2005

Probe Specific Hardware Requirements

The sybase probe is installed on systems with the following minimum resources:

  • Memory: 2-4 GB RAM. The OOB configuration of probe requires 256MB of RAM.
  • CPU: 3 GHz dual-core processor, 32-bit or 64-bit

Probe Specific Software Requirements

The sybase probe requires the following software environment:

  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.0 or later
  • Robot 7.62 or later (recommended)
  • Java JRE version 6 or later (required for Admin Console)

The probe must be configured on Windows, Linux, AIX, or Solaris platforms.

Installation Considerations

The sybase probe has the following prerequisites for installation:

  • Libraries and Variables: The probe requires the following library configurations:

    • libstdc++ 5 library must be present on the robot platform.

    • Sybase libraries and environment variables must be set in the system path. For more information, see the Configure Sybase Library Path section.

  • Software: Sybase OCS client 15.x, ASE 15.x, or ASE 16.
  • Advanced Monitoring: Sybase Monitoring Server or Monitoring Tables must be installed and enabled.

  • Sybase: Sybase Monitoring Server must be up and running.
  • Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7: The property net password encrypt must be updated to a value 2 to enable the encrypted communication between the probe and the Sybase database server.

Configure Sybase Library Path

You must set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and the environment variables to specify the location of the shared libraries.

Note: Ensure that the Sybase server is running and is accessible from the Linux system.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Linux system and verify the environment variable path using EXPORT command.
  2. Copy the following values of the environment variables to the controller probe.
    • LD_LIBRARY_PATH: /opt/sybase/ASE-15_0/lib:/opt/sybase/DataAccess64/ODBC/lib:/opt/sybase/DataAccess/ODBC/lib:/opt/sybase/OCS-15_0/lib:/opt/sybase/OCS-15_0/lib3p64:/opt/sybase/OCS-15_0/lib3p:/opt/sybase/ASE-15_0/lib:/opt/sybase/DataAccess64/ODBC/lib:/opt/sybase/DataAccess/ODBC/lib:/opt/sybase/OCS-15_0/lib:/opt/sybase/OCS-15_0/lib3p64:/opt/sybase/OCS-15_0/lib3p
    • SYBASE: /opt/Sybase
    • SYBASE_ASE: ASE-15_0
    • SYBASE_JRE_RTDS: /opt/sybase/shared/SAPJRE-7_1_011_64BIT
    • SYBASE_OCS: OCS-15_0
    • SYBASE_WS: WS-15_0
    • SYBROOT: /opt/sybase
    Sybase library path variables are configured.

User ID Authorization

The probe operates in basic and advanced modes. In the basic mode, the probe collects information from the sybase table accessible to the user. In the advanced mode, the probe uses monitoring tables from the Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) to collect monitoring information of the database from the ASE.

Basic Mode

Access to following tables is needed to run the probe in basic mode:

  • sysdatabases
  • spt_values
  • sysusgaes
  • sysprocesses
  • syscurconfigs
  • sysconfigures

Advanced Mode

Consider the following points to connect to the database in advanced mode:

  • User credentials to access Sybase server requires 'mon_role' authorization to connect to the database using Monitoring Tables.
  • Sybase System Administrator account such as 'sa' is used to run the probe using Monitoring Server API.

Note: For configuring the probe on Sybase server, Sybase Monitoring Server or Monitoring Tables must be installed and activated.

ASE Configuration 

You must configure the following values in the ASE for monitoring the data collection of tables:


  • enable monitoring = 1

lock_requests, lock_requests_db, lock_requests_granted_db, lock_requests_waited_db

  • enable monitoring = 1
  • per object statistics = 1
  • object lockwait timing = 1


  • enable monitoring = 1


  • enable monitoring = 1

locked_users (advanced, with sql text)

  • enable monitoring = 1
  • max SQL text monitored = 1024 or more
  • SQL batch capture = 1
  • sql text pipe active = 1
  • sql text pipe max messages = 256 or more (depends on interval length and server activity)

Migration Considerations

The probe has the following migration considerations:

  • Before upgrading the probe, delete the utility folder from the installation directory of the probe. The utility folder contains reference links from the previous version.
  • If you migrate the probe from previous releases, only the old configuration file (sysbase_monitor.cfg) is migrated into a release 3 configuration file (sysbase_monitor_v3.cfg). Every instance from V2 is converted into one connection and one monitoring profile in V3. Every profile starts one thread for SQL queries and one process as Monitor Server data collector.
  • From version 4.2 onward, the probe does not support advanced monitoring using Monitoring Server. This is because the Monitoring Server is not a part of the Adaptive Server Enterprise version 15.7 and later.


Profile test connection/check_dbalive, is not connected to <server_name>, err: The parameter %1! cannot be NULL.


When trying to test a connection to a Sybase instance using the sybase probe encounter the following error:

Profile test connection/check_dbalive, is not connected to <instance_name>, err: The parameter %1! cannot be NULL


Ensure that the name defined in the sql.ini file matches with the server name. The server name is case sensitive. Use the same name when creating the connection to a Sybase instance using the sybase probe.

Known Issues and Workarounds

The sybase probe has the following known issues:

  • (For version 4.30 and earlier) The probe does not automatically clear alarms for the locked_user checkpoint. Before you upgrade the probe to version 4.31 or later, for the first time, you must manually clear pending alarms for this checkpoint. However, all future alarms are automatically cleared, as applicable.
  • In user defined templates with more than one threshold, the probe does not display the threshold operator in the list view.
  • The probe must be configured using either the Infrastructure Manager (IM) GUI or the Admin Console (AC) GUI.
  • The probe configuration for both the IM GUI and AC GUI is separate. For example, any profile that is created in the IM GUI is not available on the AC GUI and must be recreated.
  • With Sybase OCS 15.0, the Sybase Monitoring Server API can end in a CPU loop if the probe agent does not close connection to the Sybase server properly. This issue is solved by applying Sybase maintenance (15.0.2 or higher).
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  1. Holger Albert
    2018-06-12 07:35

    For the "Configure Sybase Library Path" section, pleae add at 2.

    PATH should be for Windows and LD_LIBRARY_PATH should be for Unix based systems. Sample PATH statement: PATH = C:\Sybase\ASE-15_0\lib;C:\Sybase\DataAccess64\ODBC\lib;C:\Sybase\DataAccess\ODBC\lib;C:\Sybase\OCS-15_0\lib;C:\Sybase\OCS-15_0\lib3p64;C:\Sybase\OCS-15_0\lib3p;C:\Sybase\OCS-15_0\bin;C:\Sybase\OCS-15_0\dll

    1. Ankit Jaiswal
      2018-06-13 01:15

      ThanksĀ Holger Albert, we'll add this information to the documentation shortly.

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