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CA Unified Infrastructure Management Probes
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mon_config_service (Monitoring Configuration Service)

Last update February 28, 2017

Create and manage configuration profiles with the Monitoring Configuration Service in USM from the Monitoring tab. Use the Monitoring Configuration Service to:

  • Deploy probes to target devices as needed.
  • Create and deploy configuration profiles to target devices or USM groups.
  • Apply configuration changes as needed.
  • Manage deployed configuration profiles.

The mon_config_service (Monitoring Configuration Service) probe and the mon_config_service_templates package are required to use the Monitoring Configuration Service.

Change mon_config_service Probe Settings

Modify the default values for the mon_config_service probe using the Raw Configure function in Admin Console.

Notes: The CA UIM Server Installer deploys the mon_config_service probe to the primary hub and stores the mon_config_service_templates package in the local archive. 

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