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CA Unified Infrastructure Management Probes
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v2.6 baseline_engine Raw Configuration

Last update June 6, 2016

This article describes the configuration options available through the Raw Configuration menu. There is no stand-alone GUI configuration for the baseline_engine probe. The navigation pane organizes configuration into three folders:

The Setup Folder

Navigation: Setup

The setup folder contains the following configurable key-values:

  • logfile
    Defines the log file name
  • loglevel
    Sets the overall root log level (from 0 (minimum) to 5(maximum))
  • scriptloglevel
    Sets the log level for messages tracking operation of the scripts that perform the baseline calculations
  • messagelimitlog
    Sets the log level for messages that show if the maxmetrics limit is exceeded or not. The messagelimitlog has two possible settings: level=1 is equivalent to "off" and level=2 is equivalent to "on." If level=2, then an error message is logged to the main log when maxmetrics is exceeded. To see the metrics that are not processed/baselined, view the skipped_message.log file.
  • performance
    Switches a lightweight performance monitor process on (true) or off (false). The performance monitor checks every minute on the rate of execution of queuing and calculation, etc. and logs this information to performance.log.
  • isNative
    Provides the ability to override the default baseline calculation interval for individual probes. By default, isNative is set to false, meaning baseline_engine computes a baseline for probes (that use a baseline) every hour. When isNative is set to True, instead of computing a baseline every hour, a baseline is computed at the probe's native frequency.
  • projections
    By default, this key-value is set to True and baselines are projected one week in the future to ensure that dynamic threshold alarms are consistent with the baseline. When this setting is True, the baseline_engine adjusts the timestamps of the baselines to one week in the future and sends duplicate baselines with unadjusted timestamps. This allows dynamic threshold configurations to be evaluated immediately without having to wait one week. The duplicate baselines are only generated for one week. If you do not want to use this projection behavior, change this setting to False before the baseline_engine calculates any baselines.

    Important! If projectBaselines is set to True and you have already configured baselines, do not change this setting back to False. This causes the system to have two baselines for a period of one week in the future.
    Important! Do not delete the projectionEnabled file stored in the root baseline_engine directory. Otherwise, your baseline timestamps will be affected.
  • retentionPeriod
    Sets the amount of time (in weeks) for the baseline to retain monitoring data. The range is between 3 and 12 weeks. The default is 4 weeks.
  • messagelimitlog
    Sets the log level for the message limit sub-process.

The Startup Folder

Navigation: startup > opt

The opt folder contains the following key-values:

  • java_mem_init
    Sets the initial Java heap size.
  • java_mem_max
    Sets the maximum Java heap size.
  • java_opts
    Used during JVM startup.

The Threshold Folder

Navigation: threshold

The threshold folder contains the following configurable key-values:

  • useprevioushour
    At startup, use the average for the previous hour.
  • alarmcheckers
    Sets the amount of threads used to check alarms.

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