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CA Unified Infrastructure Management Probes
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apache (Apache HTTP Server Monitoring)

Last update December 27, 2016

The Apache HTTP Server Monitoring (apache) probe monitors all the Apache-based HTTP servers of an organization to detect any performance issues. It performs HTTP GET queries to the specified Apache Web Servers and transforms the query result into alarms and QoS for Service Level Agreements (SLA).  Refer to apache Metrics to understand the monitoring capabilities of the probe. 

The probe also performs the following functions:

  • Provides central, agent-less monitoring of multiple Apache HTTP servers.
  • Monitors server level measures and response time for individual Apache HTTP servers.
  • Supports monitoring of individual requested resources.
  • Provides Quality of Service data for trend analysis.
  • Detects Apache server problems and degradation.
  • Identifies bottlenecks and point of failure.
  • Alerts a proactive response for problems impacting the service.
  • Minimizes service downtime.
  • Monitors server HTTP response times.
  • Monitors server-status parameters.
  • Monitors extended server-status including requests running in separate worker threads.
  • Supports scoreboard data for instance number of requests waiting for connection.
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