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CA Unified Infrastructure Management Probes

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A probe is small piece of software that performs a dedicated task. CA Unified Infrastructure Management has two types of probes: 

  • Monitoring probes gather availability and performance data. Some probes gather data from the computer on which they reside. Remote probes monitor devices external to themselves, such as network switches and routers.
  • Service probes (also named infrastructure or utility probes) provide product utility functions.

Probes can be easily configured for your own specific monitoring requirements. For example, you can configure them to run at a specific time (timed probe) or continuously (daemon probe). Each probe maintains its own configuration file.

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How To Articles

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How To Videos

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Alphabetical Probe Articles

View configuration and metric information for each probe.


View information about the dashboards in UMP.

Probe Development Tools

Information about the APIs and SDKs available to advanced users.