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CA TPX™ Session Management - 5.4
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Setting Up User Exits

Last update July 24, 2014

CA TPX provides a number of user exits designed to give installation management maximum flexibility in providing the right environment for every end user. This section shows you the register contents, entry codes, parameter list, and return codes for each exit. The user exits available to you include:

  • ACB Selection
  • ACL Parameter
  • Command
  • Command Simulation
  • Encrypt/Decrypt
  • Error Processing
  • LOG Writer
  • Logon
  • Mail
  • Menu
  • Print Banner
  • Printer Selection
  • Query Response
  • Queue
  • Receive
  • Route
  • Send
  • Session Initiation/Termination
  • Signon and Signoff
  • Switch-in
  • Timeout Option Override
  • View Security Access
Note: CA supports only the parameters and return codes associated with these exits. You are responsible for coding and debugging your own exits that use these parameters and return codes.
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