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CA TPX™ Session Management - 5.4
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VTADD Command

Last update July 14, 2014


The VTADD command adds virtual terminals or virtual printers while CA-TPX is still running.


The VTADD command has the following syntax:

->>--- VTADD ----- member ----------------------------><
                              +-- ,SYSID=tpxappl --+

Operand Explanations

The VTADD command has the following operands:

  • member
    Indicates the name of a member in the VTAMLST data set where additional virtual terminals or virtual printers have been defined. This member must contain only the new virtual terminals or printers. It should not contain the Primary ACB or the Shared ACB.
    Note: To access these virtual terminals or printers, you must vary this member active to VTAM.
  • SYSID=tpxappl
    Identifies a specific instance of CA TPX on which the command is to be executed. For details, see the Operand Explanations for the ACTIVATE command.


To add virtual terminals or printers which have been defined in member NEWACBS in SYS1.VTAMLST, issue the following command:

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