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CA Top Secret® for z/OS - 16.0
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Release Comparison

Last update February 9, 2018

This table compares the key features in all active releases for CA Top Secret for z/OS:

Note: For a product maintenance grid and product release/support lifecycle, visit the CA Support site.
Key Features Version 16.0 Version 15.0

Support for Passphrase-Only Signon and Passphrases in IMS Interface

yes no
Data Set Encryption Support (Pervasive Encryption) yes no
SECCACHE size limit increase (allowing for multiple data spaces) yes no
Integration with CA Trusted Access Manager for Z yes no
Support for multi-factor authentication (no additional cost to licensed customers) yes no
Support for 256-bit AES encryption of passwords/password phrases yes no
TSSCFBK utility to report backup security file information (alternative to TSSCFILE) yes no
Increased ACID size limit (MAXACIDSIZE) yes no
Storing facility matrix entries on the security file (FACSTOR option) yes no
Logging CA Top Secret commands to SMF and the audit/tracking file yes no

Removing print-related ASA control characters from reporting

yes no
Creating a mirror security file yes yes
Setting organizational ACID size limits (ORGACIDSIZE) yes yes
TSSUTIL support for reporting on specific resources yes yes
Restricting passwords by string yes yes
Comparing the security records of users and comparing all ACID types yes yes
Renewing a certificate with only one command (RENEW Command) yes yes
Authorize restricted administrative privileges (CASECAUT resource class) yes yes
Enforcing rules for administrative password changes yes yes
Monitoring Type 71 RACF event notifications yes yes
Archiving ACID data (for restoration purposes) yes yes
 Limiting loggings from resource or user auditing (MATCHLIM Keyword) yes yes
Creating a new ACID from a model (MODEL command) yes yes
CIA data model and data dictionary support for user-defined fields yes yes
Support for CA Datacom when loading and unloading CIA data yes yes
Support for password phrases during CICS signon yes yes
IDMAP cleanup utility (TSSCHKDN) to identify invalid distinguished names yes yes
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