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CA Top Secret® for z/OS - 16.0
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Configure z/OS Management Facility for CA Top Secret

Last update October 23, 2018

IBM® z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) provides a browser-based user interface for managing day-to-day operations and z/OS system administration. To use z/OSMF, you need sufficient authority on the z/OS system to be managed.

As a site that uses CA Top Secret to secure resources, your security administrator must create z/OSMF resource authorizations in CA Top Secret. This section describes the resource authorizations that your site must define and describes the security requirements for configuring z/OSMF for CA Top Secret.


  • Before beginning to run jobs to define resource authorizations, ensure that you have prepared your CA Top Secret environment for z/OSMF.
  • While running jobs to secure z/OSMF resources, your security administrator specifies a system authorization facility (SAF) profile prefix to use for naming z/OSMF resources. The prefix is prepended to the names of z/OSMF resource profiles and is used in some CA Top Secret commands in the jobs. By default, the SAF prefix is IZUDFLT; however, your site can substitute a different value.

This section contains the following topics:

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