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CA Test Data Manager - 4.4
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Disable Native Users in AD/LDAP Mode

Last update September 15, 2017

Native users are CA TDM Portal-specific users that are created in the repository. By default, native users are visible in the Portal when Active Directory (AD)/LDAP is selected as the authentication mode. Also, the native super administrator login works in the Portal.

However, administrators can decide to hide native users and disable the native super administrator login when the authentication mode is set to AD/LDAP. To do so, administrators configure a property in the file. When the property is set to true, no native users are visible in the Portal and native super administrator login is also disabled. In this case, only AD/LDAP users are visible and only they can log in.

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the C:\Program Files\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\conf folder.
    Note: This procedure uses the default CA TDM Portal installation location. If you have installed the CA TDM Portal at a different location, navigate to that location.
  2. Locate and open the file in an editor.
  3. Remove the comment symbol and set the value of the property to true. The default value is false.
  4. Restart the CA Test Data Manager Portal service.

You have successfully disabled native users in the CA TDM Portal for the AD/LDAP mode.

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