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CA Test Data Manager - 4.3
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REST API Reference

Last update October 18, 2018

This section provides information about the Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs that are available with the CA TDM Portal. The CA TDM Portal offers REST APIs that make the CA TDM data accessible to different development environments. The APIs enable external systems to configure, execute, and monitor various CA TDM operations (for example, registering objects, importing sample data) without having to access the UI. These interfaces provide an HTTP-based integration point to the CA TDM data, allowing read or write access. You can use these APIs with any language that understands how to manage HTTP integration.

Note: To execute APIs, it is necessary to submit an authorization token as part of the header. To manage this additional information, we recommend the use of software such as Postman.

You can find the complete information about the exposed CA TDM Portal REST APIs at the following location:


  • <server> represents the system where the CA TDM Portal instance is available.
  • <port> represents the port number where the CA TDM Portal instance is listening.
  • <service_name> represents the name of the service for which you want to access the APIs.

The following services are available:

  • TDMConnectionProfileService
  • TDMDataFlowService
  • TDMDataReservationService
  • TDMGeneratorService
  • TDMJobService
  • TDMLegacyExecuterService
  • TDMModelService
  • TDMOrchestrationService
  • TDMProjectService
  • TDMPublisherService
  • TestDataManager

An example URL is https://TDMserver01:8443/TDMModelService/swagger-ui.html.  When you access this URL, a Swagger UI page is displayed. This page shows all the APIs that are available for TDMModelService. You can specify the appropriate input for your API and test it to review the response. The following screen shot shows how APIs are displayed when you access the required URL:

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