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CA Test Data Manager - 4.0
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Request and Apply Licenses

Last update November 22, 2018

CA Test Data Manager requires a compound license for Datamaker and all other components. When you log into the product for the first time, Datamaker prompts you to enter your license key.

Request and Apply the Datamaker License

The Datamaker license works for all product components. You receive an activation key for Datamaker when you purchase the product. If you do not have an activation key, request a license for your upgrade using a Customer Care Case Request:

  1. Provide your Enterprise Site ID, Product Name (CA Test Data Manager), and release number.
    When the request is processed, you receive an activation key. 
  2. Launch Datamaker using the GT Datamaker icon on the Desktop.
  3. Select the configured repository connection and click the green button on the bottom left.
    A Licensing dialog appears.
  4. Enter your product activation key either by reading it from a file (using the blue button) or by entering it in the field.
    A confirmation dialog appears.
  5. Close the Licensing dialog.
    You can now begin using the product.

This license works for all components. Some components ask you for the license key again. Enter the same activation key to activate those components.

Fast Data Masker License Activation

If you are unable to perform masking in Fast Data Masker because of the non-availability of the licensing information, copy the DM activation key .txt file to the following location and rename it as lic.dat:

Windows: %ProgramData%\CA\TDM\

Linux: $HOME/.CA/TDM/

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