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CA Spectrum - 10.3
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Service Performance Manager

Last update February 23, 2017

Service Performance Manager Concepts

Service Performance Manager (SPM) lets you create, run, and manage performance tests that are supported by third-party products. The products from various vendors that CA Spectrum manages perform their own testing to address multiple network management requirements. The following goals are examples of the types of testing that are supported:

  • Testing IT service delivery standards -- You can simulate transactions, such as HTTP transactions, login validations, or file transfers to establish delivery benchmarks. You can then measure service delivery to consumers and develop realistic service-level agreements.
  • Capacity planning -- Run tests to determine whether service demands by consumers are underutilizing or exceeding current IT infrastructure capacity.
  • Proactive fault management -- You can pinpoint service delivery degradation trends before they impact service consumers.

The topics in this section describe the Service Performance Manager components that let you configure and run performance tests. This section contains information about the following topics: 

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