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CA Service Management - 17.1
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Validate CA Service Management Installation

Last update December 21, 2018

To verify the successful installation of CA Service Management patch, validate the installation for the corresponding applications in the following location. Additionally, you can navigate to the root folder where you have locally installed the application and check for file for validating your installation: 

Note: As of now, CA Service Management 17.1.01 release version information in the following areas are not in sync after an upgrade or after applying a cumulative/roll-up patch. This issue will be fixed in the upcoming patch release of CA Service Management 17.1. For more information, see KB000113426.

  • CA ITAM: Navigate to Control PanelProgramsPrograms and Features to validate the installation. 
  • CA Service Catalog: 
    • Navigate to Control PanelProgramsPrograms and Features to validate the installation
    • C:\Program Files\CA\Service Catalog\ CA_SLCM_<hostname>.his file
  • Unified Self Service: C:\Program Files\CA\Self Service\<hostname>.his file
  • xFlow Interface: 
    • C:\Program Files\CA\xFlow\<hostname>.his file
    • NX_ROOT\
    • NX_ROOT\version.xml
  • CA SDM: 
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Service Desk Manager\<hostname>.his file
    • NX_ROOT\pdmconf\version 
    • NX_ROOT\NX.env 

    • NX_ROOT\ 


Application Windows Oracle Solaris Linux
CA IT Asset Manager


CA Service Catalog T6D9364 NA NA
Unified Self-Service T6EE400 NA T6EE418
CA Service Desk Manager - Binary T6EE401 T6EE419 T6EE412
CA Service Desk Manager - Language Combo T6EE402  T6EE420 T6EE413
CA Service Desk Manager - English T6EE403 T6EE421 T6EE414
CA Service Desk Manager - German T6EE404 T6EE422 T6EE415
CA Service Desk Manager - Spanish T6EE405 NA NA
CA Service Desk Manager - French T6EE406 T6EE423 T6EE416
CA Service Desk Manager - French Canadian T6EE407 NA NA
CA Service Desk Manager - Italian T6EE408 NA NA
CA Service Desk Manager - Japanese T6EE409 T6EE424 T6EE417
CA Service Desk Manager - Brazillian Portuguese T6EE410 NA NA
CA Service Desk Manager - Chinese T6EE411 NA NA

Note: For CA SDM, the Binary and Language Combo patches are installed irrespective of the environment. Language patch for the corresponding CA SDM environment is installed.

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