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CA Service Management - 17.1
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Fixed Issues -

Last update April 17, 2019

The following table includes issues that have been fixed and are a part of CA Service Management release:

Tip! For the steps to reproduce in your environment, see Steps to Reproduce - document.

CA Service Desk Manager

S.No Fixed Issue ID Description


While installing CA SDM 17.1 - Spanish, the analyst web form, att_stype_event.htmpl, is available in French instead of Spanish.


Unable to view tickets when the script tag property, keeptags=yes.


Setting ESC_STYLE=JS2 for a PDM_LIST tag causes a comma to be replaced with %2C.                     


In Internet Explorer, right click followed by copy vs Ctrl+C behavior is different. 


Using the REST API, unable to set a cnt object from inactive to active status.


The default urgency is incorrect depending on data entry method used.


Unable to delete attachments from the background server in an advanced availability configuration.


A large sized email crash PDM_MAILEATER_PROCESS.
9 DE38908 Data error while attempting to copy a survey template.


The word spell check not working.


Right click on the text box that is part of the Go button, the popup menu truncates after the second option.


The strict restrictions between Assignee and Group fields are set to lenient for task detail and category detail.


Updating the request area results in clearing the Assignee and Group fields.


On a server with multiple network interfaces, it is possible for CA SDM Manager to pick the secondary network interface while initializing fast channel connection.


GRLoader cannot handle other than us-ascii as column names in the input file.


The prev_time field is not available in the usp_kpi_ticket_data for all the rows.


CACF verification not working for a CI name.


PDM_Configure fails when NSM agent is installed on the CA SDM server. The PDM_Configure adds an unexpected and unwanted 'Configure NSM integration' task. The task fails because integwv_configui.exe fails to find CAWVAPI.dll.

19 DE38689 Non-unique sequence numbering when the category of ticket is changed.
20 DE38617 Update parent by maileater works fine for CO, but not for Incident.


An error appears when attempting to create a ticket using CreateRequest WebService method.


Unable to create a CI, if CI name already exists.


Notifications are delayed when workshift is setup.


"REP_DAEMON process does not start when it is created on a CA SDM secondary server that also has a DOMSRVR.



If Knowledge documents have invalid characters, which are not part of the character set, running pdm_k_reindex tool may result in the following message in the standard log files:

"pdm_k_reindex 3708 SIGNIFICANT String.c 646 Invalid characters encounter in ¢para"



Audit trail activity log entry of a ticket is missing after using search of Knowledge tab.


The start position option in the time zone Detail is not functional.


In a multi-tenant environment, the status transitions of a ticket may be incorrect.


Unable to set parent incident on new incident before saving.


Using the search knowledge page, if the search button is used more than two times, it fails with a bad where clause error.


Wordwrap does not work in the description field of a Request ticket.


Quick profile may disable the buttons in the scratchpad.


Unable to assign a resolution code and close all the child tickets (>1800) when a parent ticket is closed.


Quick Profile window size increases every time that a new window is opened.


Using the db_promote functionality, there is an issue with the duration field.


Searching for a group with commas and spaces yields a contact search popup.


Maileater produces error message within the STDLOG similar to error FileMng.c 1662 GetFileSize() - Unable to get file size of F:/CA/SDM/temp/IMAP61A815A22C96921228_005.tmp (No such file or directory (2)) if the option Save Unknown Emails is checked and the mail is saved with 0 Bytes.


The New Knowledge Document option is missing from the file menu item for the ITIL Content Pack.


The submenu of the menubar does not disappear.
40 DE38728 In a multi-tenant environment, the status transitions of a ticket may be incorrect.


Issue copying selected text by using copy option on IE11.
42 DE37633 Whenever a screen in CA SDM is not maximized, and there are more tabs than can be viewed in one line in the smaller screen, a scroll bar is presented to allow viewing tabs to the far right.  The scroll bar is presented, but it covers the tabs so that just the tops are visible. The text on the tabs is hidden. 
43 DE37645 Export in the list fails when search criteria is too long.
44 DE37802 The CGI Name is not updated in the cfg file when CA SDM is installed in E: drive.
45 DE37473 Searching CA SDM tickets using the filter "End User Name" with a name with a First name that has two names seperated by a space (i.e. Ann Marie), brings up an empty contact list instead of a ticket list.
46 DE37385 If the web browser is closed while an export is running, the export temp file in NX_ROOT/CATALINA_BASE/temp is not deleted.
47 DE37357 Default Active filter setting for contacts groups.
48 DE37354 Click on the non-existing or deleted attachment link displays authentication failure message, instead of the attachments-related error message.
49 DE37487 Unable to create a change order with maileater.
50 DE37295 Logging into CA SDM on a reduced browser window causes Scoreboard to improperly resize when the window is maximized.
51 DE37305 Searching KDs through Knowledge Categories results in an unexpected popup.
52 DE37208 With the "mail_show_to_cc_list" option installed, notification error does not appear if a contact does not have a pager email defined during manual notification.
53 DE37162 Export in the list fails when search criteria is too long.
54 DE37182 Unable to launch Support Automation from email URL link.
55 DE37147 KT_Daemon reports SEVERE_ERROR (Attempt to cast type NIL BPData to int) when an email is processed via Maileater.
56 DE37211 Customized form for employees displays an error message.
57 DE37303 Status Transition is not functioning for Change Order.
58 DE36913 In Internet Explorer when you Edit and Save a Log Comment the alert displays "$0.00" as "%2.00".
59 DE36931 When CA SDM Manager is configured in Advance Availability mode, deleting an attachment may not actually remove the file from disk.
60 DE36933 2 digits time calculation does not work when over 59 minutes.
61 DE36980 Activity log is not getting generated for attributes ending with '_f'.
62 DE36620 The list_NOTIFICATION.htmpl form for KT document notification history has duplicate columns.
63 DE36503 Adding attachments to Configuration Items using the SOAP web service call fails.
64 DE36390 When creating cases through web services using the maileater or text API interface, if an inactive group or contact value is passed to the application, the ticket is created with that inactive record set on it.
65 DE36294

Root Cause (Administrator tab, Service Desk, Application Data, Codes, Root Causes) with a slash (/) in the symbol is not displayed.

66 DE35286 The pdm_rpc server memory may grow periodically and does not come down.
67 DE36569 Transfer Activity notification is not sent to a group email address.
68 DE36130 The Auto Selection does not close and the Selection window does not open if the input value was changed with the backspace key.
69 DE36288

The assignee and group fields are set to blank when the area is changed.

70 DE39607 JavaScript method detailMakeReq() causes the font of the lookup fields to change.
71 DE39693 When you have a Change Order transition condition to prevent a certain transition change, if you try to do this transtion using Activities, Update Satus, the Change Order Activity Log records the bad status.
72 DE39698 Manual email notification fails for the recipients in the Cc field.
73 DE39937 An error appears when attempting to create or update multiple Configuration Items through GRloader.


Documentation for PDM_Perl step for SDM 17.1 upgrade is incomplete.
75 DE39882

In Internet Explorer 11, the Open or Save As dialog appears only on the SDM landing page.

76 DE40247 Maileater might hang after upgrading from R17.0 to R17.1 if there is a custom text_api.cfg under site/mods folder.
77 DE40246 In CA SDM 17.1, if the Message Template's Notification Message Body (not the HTML message field one) has a null value in it, the mail queue becomes stuck which stops mail from going out from CA SDM.
78 DE40299 Maileater is unable to parse %STRING1 attribute after upgrading from R17.0 to R17.1.
79 DE40333 In CA SDM 17.1, if the Access Type of the user logging into web services has the Web Screen Painter (WSP) 'Allow preview session to update the database flag' option turned on, that user will fail to log into Web Services.
80 DE40300 The maileater stops processing all the incoming mail when it encounters an 'illegal character range' error in RTF/HTML parsing mode.
81 DE40949 In SDM 17.1 - Spanish, when the user attaches an event to an incident, the form is displayed in French.

xFlow Interface

S.No Fixed Issue ID Description


Multiple log entries for status update in xFlow Interface.



Updating ticket using the xFlow Interface is not working in 17.1

CA Service Catalog

S.No Fixed Issue ID Description
1. DE34952 USS Allows Approval to be skipped. 


Set Proxy feature not working with Load Balanced App Server.


Requests can be submitted with invalid XML characters.


Advanced search - Problems with accented characters in search strings.


USS is not Displaying catalog information.

If you select an Offering, it displays the dashboard . However, when you select the same Offering in USS, it goes into a loop and an inactive state.

7. DE36427

Event Rule Actions - Triggering Event-Rule-Action on Change of Request Item Status.

 Create a new rule in an event-rule-action and click Event Filter in the next page under condition builder. Specify any value for the property, provide operator value as <> and leave the constant blank (to indicate that the value must not equal a null value). This populates as: = 'NIL' instead of <> 'NIL'

8. DE36644 CA Process Automation process SRFs are updated after CA Process Automation is upgraded to 4.3 SP2.
9. DE37740 Error with Service Catalog Permission groups
10. DE36705

Cost Fluctuates.

After a user adds an item to a cart and submits for approval, the cost of the items change (in this case it goes up). This seems to be an error related to currency.

11 DE36973 Permission of Service Element lost after editing an attribute
12. DE36840 Unable to save changes to an account.
13. DE37139

"Report an issue" is unresponsive and goes into a hang state when the subject of a question contains an exclamation mark (!).

14. DE37387 "Add Software"  service issue with details and definition.
15. DE38115 Select form field that is set to disabled state can be deleted in Microsoft Edge.
16. DE37400 ca_reportQuery() in JS code does not work when the data object fields are all in lower cases. 
17. DE37759 Icon appears when editing and saving an option.
18. DE38111 Form name display is not shown entirely in an option.
19. DE37874 Copy service option add/remove item from original service option.


USS requests cannot be submitted.
21 DE37935

ITIL Content Pack Service Catalog - Load Incident Areas. When you click the 'Load Incidents Area' button, an incorrect query is executed against the mdb.

For more information about how to import the content pack after installing CA Service Catalog, see post-installation Task

22. DE38201 Return to Service Offering does not maintain sub BU context.
23. DE38354 Delayed application response time
24. DE38207

Notes Window position changes.

 In Catalog UI, navigate to Home, Requests. Click on a request that has notes with long text. Notice the position of the Note. Now, close the note window, and open it again. The Note position changes again.

25. DE38713

onload script is not working properly.

Function defined at onLoad script is executed only when Service Request is submitted. 

26. DE38759

Rich Text is not working in Unified Self-Service.

27. DE38754 In IE, wrong message is displayed when attaching file-path+name > 100 char.
28. DE38944 Approval is unavailable for an assigned approver until page is refreshed.
29. DE39581 Duplicate Request Information form fields.
30. DE39265 No forms in Service Options when Selection type in Service Option Group is set as Automatically Chosen.
31. DE39489

Recent Requests issue with CA Service Management 17.1 installation.

32. DE39982

Upgrading to CA Service Management 17.1 fails with CA Service Catalog and CA EEM.

33. DE39525 Select drop-down field using the Data Object auto suggest is not working.
35. DE39549 Field hint on multi-select list displays two leading colons.
36. DE39481 ca_fdGetSelections is not working.
37. DE39582 OOTB CA Service Desk Manager and CA Service Catalog integration offering "report an issue" is not able to display the category data.
38. DE39587 category, category_class, and category_subclass are not properly populated when saving a new Service Option Element (SOE).
39. DE39597 Remote data source in report builder is not working as expected.
40. DE39817 Problem with aggregation and invoicing
41. DE39770 The onChange attribute in text field of a form is not working properly.
42. DE39846

Report-an-Issue: SC-UI no SDM-Ticket. In USS-UI SDM-Ticket created.

For more information about how to import content pack after installing CA Service Catalog, see Post-Installation Tasks for CA Service Management

43. DE39862 Advanced Search in Comments is not working.
44. DE40030 ca_fdSelectOption issue. OOTB JS function ca_fdSelectOption() is not working properly.
45. DE39963 Form designer checkbox style issue.
46. DE39977 CA Service Catalog form display issue in Unified Self Service.
47. DE40036 Bug in several JavaScript API functions.
48. DE40083 "Select a minimum of 1-row validation" error message is displayed for a table in a form even if a row is already selected.
49. DE40049 ca_fdGetSelectedOptions(formId, _id) returns an array of object
50. DE40089 Apostrophe in the Catalog message is doubled.
51. DE40312 Datepicker (calendar ) in French shows incorrect header.
52. DE40222

Required radio button is not detected when selected programmatically. Radio button is selected using OOTB js API ca_fdSelectRadio(). 

53. DE40315 After upgrading to 17.1, users can no longer connect to Oracle data sources in the report builder. 
54. DE40328 Upgrading to 17.1 fails on CA EEM Configuration setup.
55. DE40294 Report an issue - attachment sync issue.
56. DE40387 CA Service Catalog Service Request notes window is not visible when large forms are used.
57. DE40483 Clicking on Service Offerings shows an error.
58. DE40889

Form validation, default value of field is displayed instead of Local value.

When the validation of a form is made regarding the required fields, the default value is displayed, instead of the Local value (even when the form is localized).

59. DE40402 If radio buttons have no value in "Hidden" attribute (empty), the label of the radio button group is hidden.
60. DE40445 Sorting by Requested_by and Requested_for is not working. CA Service Catalog performs sorting by catalog number and not named the requested_by or requested_for fields.
61. DE40493 Date field for Form date displays wrong day in Spanish.
62. DE40887 Checkbox ca_fdResetFields() Issue if attribute "checked" is empty.


Attachment exceeds the maximum permitted length.

If you are subscribing to a service as one click submit and the size on the attachment exceeds 5MB, you get the following message

"File cannot be uploaded. File size exceeds maximum allowed attachment size of {0} MB."

64. DE41246 Localize issue with checkbox "Update current locale value".

CA Asset Portfolio Manager

S.No Fixed Issue ID Description


CORA subgrouping issues. Unable to copy an asset in CA ITAM. An error message "coraapi.dll not found" is displayed.


Published patches for CA APM (ITAM) changes all Services Startup Types to Automatic.


Saving a payment or a cost total amount, changes the amount by adding two "0". Legal document costs continually add digits to the cost amount.

Unified Self-Service

S.No Fixed Issue ID Description


Unable to key in "!" in Unified Self-Service description.


Integration issue in USS and CA SDM. CA EEM authentication is validating inactive users.
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