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CA Service Management - 14.1
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Request Management from an Administrator Perspective

Last update November 14, 2014

Requests have a life cycle reflected in their status. The status of a request falls into one of the following several phases:

  • Not Submitted
  • Submitted
  • Approval
  • Fulfillment
  • Completed

For the request and its services and service options to move through the request life cycle, its status must change.

The requesting user controls the Not Submitted phase. A request is in the Not Submitted phase when one of the following conditions is true:

  • The request is in the user's cart.
  • The user has saved the cart as an unsubmitted request.
  • The submitted request has been rejected.

    Note: The user must submit the request or cart before the request can exit the Not Submitted phase.

The Submitted phase is brief and controlled by the system. Each service option in the request has a specified approval process. The submitted phase is used only until the approval process begins.

An approving user or the system controls the Approval phase. This control depends on the approval process for each service in the request. All services in the request must be approved (or not require approval) before the request enters the Fulfillment phase. If any services are rejected, the entire request is returned to the Not Submitted phase for the requesting user to manage.

A fulfilling user or the system controls the Fulfillment phase. This control depends on the fulfillment process for each service option in the request. Set the status of all service options in the request to either Fulfilled or Fulfillment Cancelled before the request enters the Completed phase.

An administrator or the system controls the Completed phase. This control depends on the type of service option elements requested.

  • If CA Business Service Insight is integrated and the request includes an Agreement service option element that depends on resource metering, then:
    • The status of the service option is changed to Pending Resource Assignment.
    • When a resource is assigned, the status changes to Completed.
  • For other types of service options elements, the status is set to Completed. After the status is set to Completed and if Service Accounting Component is installed, invoices then include the service option. 
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