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CA Service Management - 14.1
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CA Service Management Release 14.1.05

Last update April 18, 2019

The CA Service Management solution brings together a combination of interrelated processes, functions, and expertise that is targeted at enabling your organization with the full breadth of Service Management processes. This solution comprises of CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM), CA IT Asset Manager (CA ITAM), CA Service Catalog, and Unified Self-Service. For more information, see Implementing CA Service Management 14.1.05

The CA Service Management Cumulative Patch 14.1.05 includes the following:


Fixed Issues

xFlow Analyst Interface

S.No Fixed Issue ID Description
1 DE36925 Able to create a ticket with status as inactive.
2 DE37113 A work stream hidden by an analyst results in the same work stream being hidden for another analyst. The same applies for unhiding the work stream.
3 DE36815 Adding a comment while changing the ticket status results in multiple notifications.
4 DE35420 The label Last Modified is localized incorrectly.
5 DE35598 Tickets with inactive status are displayed when you filter by status.
6 DE39359

Category from Smart Word fails to launch the category attributes.

7 DE37354 An incorrect error message is displayed when attempting to download an attachment.

CA Service Desk Manager

For the issues fixed in CA Service Desk Manager, see CA Service Desk Manager Fixed Issues.

CA Service Catalog

For the issues fixed in CA Service Catalog, see CA Service Catalog Fixed Issues.

CA Asset Portfolio Manager (CA ITAM)

The following issues are fixed in CA Asset Portfolio Management 14.1.05:

S.No. Fixed Issue ID Description
1 DE36001 Costs for assets are calculated incorrectly after patch application.
2 DE36421 Update Legaldocument via webservices
3 DE34299 Initial data has incorrect values in Event Mapping. Legal document termination date does not get mapped correctly in event.
4 DE36543 Changes in ca_owned_resource table
5 DE32858 Problem with AutoCompleteList value selection on Chrome/FireFox browsers.
6 DE33884 Cannot add more then one user at a time to a role


Unable   to add the warranty start or end date extended fields in CA APM 

8 DE36125 Event service error on change event


CORA sub-grouping issues



Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'audit_trail_id'
11 DE38535

Installing CA Service Management 14.1.04 resets the Services Startup Types to automatic.



Change event sends notification for everything that is in Shipped status.
13 DE35540

Renamed field labels do not show in copy or subgroup wizard

14 DE33954

Unable to find the storage descriptor. Unable to add existing field to a custom relationship if it has been removed.

15 DE34422

Changed field labels not reflected when using the Importer



Field labels in Legal Search builder


Search window takes over 20 seconds to come up when assigning a relationship to an asset.


System model normalization - filter and page down not working for Czech locale.
19 DE36125

Event service error on change event

20 DE34354

Unable to find the storage descriptor

21 DE33912

cannot display any secondary object attribute in the custom relationship window

Unified Self-Service

The following issues are fixed in Unified Self-Service 14.1.05:

S.No. Fixed Issue ID Description
1 DE36373 Unified Self-Service Interface with Catalog is out of place with Google Chrome
2 DE34726

Saved USS bookmarks generating login problems

3 DE36983 Issue with USS left side Menu bar 
4 DE37938 The request status is not updated when you navigate back to the request list using the top-left link from the USS interface.  
5 DE36593 Selecting 'Request a service' is blocking CA SDM.
6 DE35928  Request a service is not showing navigation breadcrumbs. When searching for a service to request, after selecting the service it shows Report an Issue up top.
7 DE36416 Blank page is displayed while creating a ticket from USS interface with German Locale. 
8 DE34599 Cross Site Request Forgery. The USS question posting interface is susceptible to Cross site Request Forgery (CSRF). For more information on how to perform the post-install steps for this issue, see Optional Steps for Specific Issues.
9 DE34528 Persistent Cross-Site Scriptingm(XSS) vulnerability. For more information about how to perform the post-install steps for this issue, see Optional Steps for Specific Issues.
10 DE33985 USS allowing Live Chat Option Outside of Selected Workshift.
11 DE38759 Rich Text is not working in USS
12 DE37526 USS - NTLM authentication is not working on Google Chrome.
13 DE37291

In USS, CA SDM lookup field data source configuration does not load and stays Empty.

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