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CA Service Management - 14.1
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CA Service Management Release 14.1.04

Last update April 18, 2019

The CA Service Management solution brings together a combination of interrelated processes, functions, and expertise that is targeted at enabling your organization with the full breadth of CA Service Management processes. This solution comprises of CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM), CA IT Asset Manager (CA ITAM), CA Service Catalog, and Unified Self-Service. For more information, see Implementing CA Service Management 14.1.04

The CA Service Management Cumulative Patch 14.1.04 includes the following:


What's New in This Release

CA Service Desk Manager Enhancements

The Customization Upgrade Utility

The Customization Upgrade utility allows the customers to upgrade and merge the existing customizations into the latest CA Service Desk Manager version. For more information, see The Customization Upgrade Utility.

Fixed Issues

The CA Service Management Cumulative Patch 14.1.04 includes several fixes that are denoted by CA Agile Central component: Defect Number (DE) and T-Fix Number.

CA Service Desk Manager

For the issues fixed in CA Service Desk Manager, see CA Service Desk Manager Fixed Issues.

CA Service Catalog

For the issues fixed in CA Service Catalog, see CA Service Catalog Fixed Issues.

CA Asset Portfolio Management

The following issues are fixed in CA Asset Portfolio Management 14.1.04:

For more information about the steps to reproduce and other details, see CA APM Fixed List.txt

S.No Fixed Issues ID Description


If a non-admin/non-root user is assigned a default search, the Admin/Root user is unable to delete a user.
2. DE33597 Duplicate import ID in CA APM and SAM integration.

Reconciled assets between CA APM and CA SAM are updated in CA APM (organization information, for example: cost center, location) to trigger an update process in Event Service. This is sent as an import to SAM so that the corresponding device in SAM is updated. Sometimes, the CSV file that is created by CA APM contains multiple lines for the same object due to which the import fails.

3. DE34803
  • Legal Document Attachment browser button is not displayed when browser locale is changed to Spanish.
  • Unable to upload files from CA APM to SAM when the Import process is locked. Unhandled exception error seen in the Event Service log
  • Unable to save few Assets


Export and dry run of CA APM Promotion utility fails when CA APM 14.1.03 is applied directly on CA Service Management 14.1 and not on CA Service Management 14.1.02.

6. DE28240 Environment Promotion Error

DE 28279

Unexpected error during login



After Restarting the IIS web server, the server takes time to load the metadata for every first user that logs in.


When an extended field of location is added on an Asset search page, this field is not available for mass update fields.


Users are able to Edit and Save values even in the read-only fields.


Cannot add License Key or count in the available fields. User unable to find the fields that are related to license information while trying to create a search with the Asset family as software.


Difficult to navigate back to Expose Hidden Fields node



Event Service OEM exceptions error

14. DE29660

CA IT Client Manager replication and errors that are seen in the Event Service log.



Recreated cost and payment record is unavailable. Data importer is not allowing other assets to be associated with a legal document when an asset is already associated with it.
16. DE30315

After implementing TLS v1.2 in CA EEM r12.51 CR04, the login for CA APM fails.



  • Unable to set costs on an asset in German locale
  • Cannot remove Currency Type Key from the Asset Cost Link



Unable to update assets through CA APM console or through data importer.


ARG_HISTORY latency impacts CMDB



Data load status section getting error records.


Currency type and field size mismatch


  • In French localization, the relationship count is not getting displayed.
  • AcquireDate, InstallationDate is getting updated when some other field is updated.
23. DE32999
  • Search by class is available even if asset family is set to Inactive.
  • Add asset to ownership - processor speed incorrect.
  • Error in al_cmdb_audit_share


When CA SDM and CA APM are integrated, CA SDM shows the incorrect old value for versioning if any changes are made to the CA APM field.


Issue with primary key violation error in apm_sdm trigger.
26.  DE33195 Multiple fields and index out of range. 


CMDB audit share not working for insert audits for some assets


Hardware reconciliation and French Localization

xFlow Analyst Interface

The following issues are fixed in xFlow Analyst Interface 14.1.04:

For more information about the steps to reproduce and other details, see CA xFlow Analyst Interface Fixed List.txt

S.No Fixed Issue ID Description


The xFlow Analyst Interface Server is unavailable.
2. DE29319

After viewing an Incident and after clicking the Resolve button in the xFlow Analyst Interface, an error message is displayed:

There was a problem in resolving the ticket. Contact the system administrator.



When you Attach a file to a ticket through drag and drop, some ticket activities are displayed as duplicated activities on the xFlow Analyst Interface.
4. DE30519 The xFlow Analyst Interface displays tickets that are associated to users with the default special handling 'VIP' tag. If a custom special handling type is associated with the same contact and if the default VIP tag is removed, the tickets disappear from the VIP stream. 
5. DE28053

Clicking the Weather icon shows the correct locale translation, but a mouseover shows the Weather state in English

6. DE29494

The xFlow Analyst Group Search in a Stream filter only displays the first 10 search results.

7. DE30002

The xFlow Analyst Interface status drop-down list is not displayed if a new table is added to the MDB through Web Screen Painter.



Reopening of the browser is required after a session timeout if the xFlow Analyst Interface is NTLM enabled.


The xFlow Analyst Interface Command line or drop-down list shows more request status than the classic CA Service Desk Manager User Interface.


Suggested solutions are not displayed if the ticket or incident description has a new line character or special character.

Unified Self-Service

The following issues are fixed in Unified Self-Service 14.1.04:

For more information about the steps to reproduce and other details, see USS Fixed List.txt

S.No Fixed Issue ID Description


Inactive flag restriction is not set for a Contact.

2. DE34784

Possible Clickjacking vulnerability

For more information about the post install steps, see Post Install Steps for Unified Self-Service.



Data partition on Prob_Category table is not enforced on users logging in via the Unified Self-Service portal.



Single Sign-On on the Unified Self-Service portal may not work when it is integrated with NTLM.
5. DE34787

Unable to launch CA SDM Support Automation Live Chat through Unified Self-Service.



By default, English is selected as the language for CA EEM in Unified Self-Service.

For more information about the post install steps, see Post Install Steps for Unified Self-Service.



A Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability is observed with Unified Self Service.

For more information about the post install steps, see Post Install Steps for Unified Self-Service.



Clicking a URL attachment attached to a ticket opens up the web interface instead of the URL of a web page. This issue is observed when Unified Self-Service is integrated with CA SDM.


Creation of ticket fails with the following JavaScript error message when Unified Self-Service is integrated with CA SDM (French locale):

loadcreateRequest is undefined

10 DE34792 Cannot edit a user with numeric ID.


Integration of Unified Self-Service and CA Service Catalog fails with the following error message:

Incorrect value for DEFAULT REQUEST OFFERING ID. Unable to validate Offering ID from CA Service Catalog.



Authentication error while logging in to the Unified Self-Service portal. This issue is observed when a user is not having an email address.
13. DE34795

Log in attempts for the CA Service Management Mobile Application fails.



Google search fails to display search results on the Unified Self-Service Portal.

For more information about the post install steps, see Post Install Steps for Unified Self-Service.

15. DE34797

Tenancy restriction is not enforced in the Unified Self-Service Portal.



Searching for a string shows empty search results when Unified Self-Service is integrated with NTLM. This problem is only observed on the IE browser.

17. DE31316

Single Sign-On fails for users having domain names.

For more information about the post install steps, see Post Install Steps for Unified Self-Service.

18. DE30014 Disabled fields in CA Service Catalog are displayed as editable/active fields. When a user points a cursor in these disabled fields and presses the Backspace key, the web browsers revert to the previous page as the fields are non-editable fields.


The First name and Last name field entries in the Unified Self-Service user profile is vulnerable to Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).

For more information about the post install steps, see Post Install Steps for Unified Self-Service.



Announcements that are created in CA SDM are not filtered by location or organization for users that log in to Unified Self-Service.
21 DE32626

Clickjacking vulnerability.

For more information about the post install steps, see Post Install Steps for Unified Self-Service.

22 DE29357 Emoticons in comments


In an integration of CA SDM and CA Service Catalog with Unified Self-Service, if a user logs in to Unified Self-Service and clicks Report an Issue option on the Home page, it is observed that after submitting and clicking Okay, the controls go back to the Request details of a request and not to the Home page.

Known Issues

The following known issue is specific to the CA Service Management Cumulative Patch 14.1.04:

CA EEM with FIPS Mode Enabled Shows Error


CA Service Management Installer throws an error "Error communicating with CA EEM server. Verify if the CA EEM server is installed and running on the specified host" while configuring the CA EEM Server details. This issue is observed if CA EEM is configured in a FIPS only mode. 


Install CA Service Management 14.1.04 on CA EEM Server in a non-FIPS mode. Perform the following steps.

  1. Stop the iGateway service.
  2. To disable FIPS, open the iGateway.conf file (available by default at C:\Program Files\CA\SC\iTechnology). Enter the following command:


  3. Start the iGateway service.
    The CA EEM server is configured in a non FIPS mode.
  4. After installation, you can switch back to FIPS-only mode by setting the  FIPS mode to On in the iGateway.conf file.
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    2017-09-07 05:33

    There is no link in the left treeview for CA Asset Portfolio Managment Fixed Issues. Please add a link and link to the CA Asset Portfolio Management link on this page.

    1. Raghuveer Agarwal
      2017-09-11 01:42

      Hello GALE BACON,

      The CA Asset Portfolio Management Fixed Issues are available on the page, and as a result do not require a cross-referencing link.

      DocOps Services Team 

      1. GALE BACON
        2017-09-18 12:32

        Hi Raghu,
        In the left treeview, there are ONLY two links: CA Service Catalog fixed issues and CA Service Desk Manager Fixed issues. These fixed issues for CA Service Catalog and for CA Service Desk manager are ALSO on this page, so I do not understand the logic for why 'CA Asset Portfolio Management Fixed Issues' link is missing.

        For consistency, please add the 'CA Asset Portfolio Manager Fixed Issues' to the left treeview.

        1. GALE BACON
          2017-09-18 12:59

          Had a phone call with Raghu. The 'CA Service Management Release 14.1.04' link in the left treeview is the parent page with the details about APM, hence no reference in the left treeview to APM only. The left treeview links for service catalog and service desk fixed issues are child pages, hence they have a separate link. OK as is.

  2. James Slater
    2018-03-12 06:54

    If EEM is installed with FIPS on, Process Automation and Service Catalog can end up in a state where they are installed with FIPS on but fail to integrate. If FIPS is disabled on EEM, How is it disabled on PAM/Service Catalog and what should be done to regenerate non- FIPS mode certificates and manually integrate those applications with EEM and each other?

    1. Rajashree Nair
      2018-03-14 09:18

      James Slater, thanks much for the suggestion. I will confirm with Engineering and if required, will update the suggested content. 



      DocOps Services Team

  3. Karen Matoke
    2019-05-03 07:17

    Please add the following to the Known Issues section of this page: That issue is fixed in 14.1.05.