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CA Service Management - 14.1
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pdm_lexutil--Modify CA SDM Lexicons

Last update April 27, 2017

The pdm_lexutil utility allows you to modify Service Desk lexicons, to add or delete words for the spell check dictionary.


This command has the following format:

pdm_lexutil -a | -d [-f] [-l] wordlist
  • -a
    Add words.
  • -d
    Delete words.
  • -f
    File or lexicon containing list of words to be added or deleted.
  • -l
    Lexicon name.
    Default: userdict.tlx
  • wordlist
    Words to be added or deleted.

Important! On UNIX, the LIBPATH must be set before running several CA SDM utilities. Use pdm_task to set the LIBPATH before running a utility. For example, input "pdm_task pdm_clean_attachments ...".

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  1. Andrea Holmes
    2017-06-08 10:33

    If you are using a list in the command line, how should the values be separated? If you are using a file to load the words, what is the format?

    1. Rajashree Nair
      2017-06-09 02:00

      Thanks Andrea Holmes for posting the query. Confirming this with Engineering and will update the page accordingly and keep you posted. 



      DocOps Services Team