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CA Service Management - 14.1
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Connecting Maileater to Office 365 Mail

Last update December 15, 2017

To configure the maileater to connect to Office 365 Mail, perform the following steps:

  1.  Obtain a valid SSL Certificate for the Office 365 Mail Server.

    Note: As of Dec 2016, the Office 365 Certificate is signed by the "DigiCert Global Root CA". Information on this certificate can be found here. If gets signed by a different root certificate in the future, you must either obtain the new root certificate from Microsoft or find out the proper root certificate is and get it from the vendor.

  2. After collecting the root certificate information, create a file using Notepad with the certificate's information.
  3.  Save the file and copy it to the primary server and make note of the copied path.
    1. Use the following settings in the mailbox details screen (ensure to populate your full email address and file path to the certificate that you saved):

      Field Name Description
      Name Default (or the name of your mailbox)
      Check Interval (in Sec) recommended value is 30
      Email Type IMAP4
      Hostname (This is NOT
      Port Override 143 (It should be set to 143 and not the other ports like 993. This is because 143 is IMAP's STARTTLS port and maileater only supports STARTTLS)
      User Name The User ID of the Office365's account. (If it does not work, try and use the full email address)
      Password Fill in the password for the account
      Security Level Clear Text
      Attachment Repository Default is "Service Desk"
      Attach Entire Email Default is "No"
      Force Attachment Splitout  Default is "No"
      Allow Anonymous Default is "Yes"
      Save Unknown Emails Default is "Yes"
      Use Reply To Emails Default is "Yes"
      Use TLS Yes
      CA Certificate Path Path to the Certificate file you just created.

      The maileater is now connected to Office 365 Mail Server. 

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  1. Sankar Natarajan
    2017-12-13 07:27

    The link provided in this page to DigiCert Global Root CA is broken. PLease fix it.

    1. Satyanarayana Raju Sarikonda
      2017-12-15 12:31

      We regret the inconvenience caused to you. We will update the page shortly.

    1. Rajashree Nair
      2017-12-15 12:39

      Sankar Natarajan, thanks Sankar for bringing this to our notice. Corrected the broken link. Please verify. 



      DocOps Team