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CA Service Management - 14.1
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Audit Log List

Last update December 10, 2017

The Audit Log List displays information regarding changes to the issue, change order, requests, and data partition tables. The audit log captures the user ID and an associated day/date/time stamp. The log also records the before and after values of the operation performed (update or insert). You can search the Audit Log List, and can use the results for report generation.

The Audit Log is automatically installed. Enable it by installing the Audit Log options with the Options Manager:

Generate Activity Log for Custom Fields

When you add a custom field, you can set up an activity log for reporting and auditing.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to CA Service Desk Manager, as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Administration, Notifications, Activity Associations, and create an activity association.
    For example, create an activity association for a field: string1 in the call_request object
    • Symbol = string1 
    • Code = string1
    • Object Type = Request/Incident/Problem
    • Object Type Attribute = string1
    • Activity Type = Field Update
    • Log Me = Yes
  3. Open Web Screen Painter Schema Designer and perform the following tasks:
    • Navigate to the cr object.
    • Click the string1 field.
    • Click Advanced in the Properties section on the right.
    • In Site-Defined UI_INFO, type: +AUDITLOG()
    • Click Save.
    • Navigate to File, Save-and-publish.

      Note: To use the string1 field on an incident or request, use Web Screen Painter to add the field to the detail_in or detail_cr form. Now, create a ticket and save it, then edit it again and update the form field that is linked to the string1 field, and save. You can now see an activity log entry generated for the update of that field.

  4. Exit the Schema Designer and Web Screen Painter.
  5. Stop the CA Service Desk Manager services.
  6. Execute pdm_publish.
  7. Start the CA Service Desk Manager services back up.

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    2016-06-02 01:15

    I think it would be a great idea here if you put a link to the audit log options where you have "see audit log options" after audit_upd ...

    1. Madhuri Mishra
      2016-07-12 06:00


      Updated the link in the source.


      DocOps Services Team