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CA Release Automation - 5.5.2
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Manage the Nexus Repository

Last update December 8, 2015

The Nexus Repository is an integral and critical part of CA Release Automation. The repository stores action packs and artifacts. By default, the repository is installed as part of the Management Server. For information on how to create a standalone repository, see Install and Configure a Standalone Repository.

Use the following procedures to help you manage the Nexus Repository. 

Password Management

CA Release Automation uses the Nexus Repository password to connect to the repository during the installation process. If the repository password is changed and not updated in CA Release Automation, the installation fails.

To prevent an installation failure, update the Nexus Repository password.

Follow these steps:

  1. Access the encrypt_password.bat/sh utility that is located in the <RA_HOME>\scripts directory, and run it from the <RA_HOME> directory.

  2. Copy the encrypted password.
  3. Access <RA_HOME>\conf and in update the password value.

    Note:  Because the password is encrypted, paste in the copied password from step 2.

The following example shows nolio-repo-properties values:

#If you intend to use the encrypted repository password, Please use the encrypt_password.bat/sh utility to encrypt the password.











Storage Management

As an administrator, you might come across a scenario where the repository server storage is increased and the system performance is degraded. In the following video, you learn how to manage the disk space that is used by Nexus Repository.

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