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CA PPM - 15.4.1
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CA PPM 15.4.1 Release Notes

Last update March 19, 2019

The CA PPM 15.4.1 Release Notes describe the new and enhanced features and specify the compatible OS, database, component, and client software versions, including supported patch levels, international languages, and accessibility details. The Release Notes help you plan for a new installation of Release 15.4.1 or upgrade an existing CA PPM environment to Release 15.4 with the 15.4.1 service pack.

To learn more about each feature, see the CA PPM 15.4.1 Change Impact and Upgrade documentation or the specific linked page if one is provided below each entry.


  • If you are on 15.4 and apply 15.4.1, you experience 15.4.1 as a service pack. Relative to 15.4, the service pack offers relatively light new features and enhancements. However, if you are upgrading from 15.3 or an older release, you experience 15.4.1 as a full major release on top of 15.4. In other words, you can use the standalone full installer to bypass or skip any time spent on 15.4 and go directly to 15.4.1. For your convenience, separate documentation is available for 15.4 and 15.4.1. We recommend that you install the service pack. To switch releases, use the Versions menu at the top of this page.
  • The 15.4.1 service pack includes all the resolved issues delivered in the patch.


New Features and Enhancements in 15.4.1

Roadmap Enhancements

  • Roadmaps now support the dynamic selection of multiple targets.
  • You can compare scenarios in the timeline to decide the best course of action for a roadmap.
  • You can import projects as roadmap items.
  • You can also link roadmap items to projects in the roadmap grid with new Linked To and Linked To ID fields. Users with rights can click the project name in the Linked To field to open the linked project from the roadmap grid. A link from a roadmap item to its linked project is also available on the roadmap timeline and board views.
  • The following new attributes are now available for configuration in the roadmap grid. The attributes show dependencies between roadmap items and are read-only in the grid. You can edit the attributes in the timeline.
    • Predecessors
    • Successors

Projects Enhancements

New Staff Module and Page for Projects

As a resource manager or administrator, you can define project staff by adding resources as team members in the New User Experience. This new resource management staffing feature includes a new Staff module in the project blueprint that includes a new Staff page for an open project. You can now staff resources and roles to define project teams.

As a result of this staffing enhancement, you can now perform the following activities:

  • Configure a blueprint visual for % Complete to show this standard metric as a new ring chart on project tiles.
  • Define default allocation and allocation dates on the new project Staff page.
  • Change General Settings to display staff data in FTE or hours.

Enhanced Tasks Page

The MyTasks feature introduced in 15.4.0 has been enhanced in 15.4.1. The new Tasks menu item and Tasks page also support the needs of project managers. A team member sees their own assigned tasks (my tasks) from one or more assigned investments. A project manager or other authorized user sees all tasks from all their authorized investments, including the tasks of their team members.

A new global access right Tasks – Navigate is now available to provide access to the Tasks main menu item. The access right is included in the following PMO Accelerator access groups:

  • PMO Executive Viewer
  • PMO Executive Viewer Extended
  • PMO Financial Administrator
  • PMO Idea Creator
  • PMO Idea Reviewer
  • PMO Investment Creator
  • PMO Investment Viewer Extended
  • PMO Portfolio Manager
  • PMO Program Manager
  • PMO Project Creator
  • PMO Project Manager
  • PMO Project Manager Extended
  • PMO Project Viewer
  • PMO Resource Manager
  • PMO Resource Manager Extended
  • PMO Team Member
  • PMO Vendor Management
  • PMO System Administrator

Mention Teams in Conversations About Risks, Issues, or Changes 

On the project Risks, Issues, and Changes tabs, you can now use @mention for teams in conversations.

Attribute Label Change from Business Owner to Sponsor

For consistency between Classic Clarity PPM and the New User Experience, the Business Owner label has been renamed to Sponsor. The attribute label change was made to the Project and Idea objects and everywhere instances of this attribute appear. Updates were made in the PMO Accelerator and APM add-in. Impacted views, blueprints, queries, lookups, portlets, processes, and PMO and Jaspersoft reports have all been updated.

Timesheet Enhancements

New Filters for Timesheets and Approvals

  • On the Review & Approve page, you can now filter timesheets by Resource, Resource Manager, and Resource OBS.
  • On the Timesheets page, the filter columns are now column headings. Also, filters are available for Resource, Resource Manager, Resource OBS, and Status.
  • A new filter option, OPEN FOR TIME ENTRY is available on the Add Work page. You can filter the tasks that are open for time entry. The default value for the filter is ALL.

Notifications and Direct Links to Specific Timesheets

Notification email generated in Classic Clarity PPM now includes direct links to timesheets in the New User Experience. The new links open the timesheet for a specific named resource and for a specific time period. This feature applies to the following scenarios:

  • When a resource submits a timesheet, the notification email to the approver contains a direct link to the submitted timesheet. The approver can open the resource timesheet directly from the email and then approve, return, or edit the timesheet.
  • If the approver returns a timesheet, the notification email to the submitter contains a direct link to the submitted and returned timesheet. The resource can open the timesheet directly from the email and then edit and resubmit the timesheet.
  • The reminder email to submit a timesheet contains a direct link to the timesheet that is due for approval. The resource can open the delayed timesheet directly from the email and submit it for approval.

Administrators and Studio developers can create their own portlets in Classic PPM with these new links to offer their teams more precision and time-savings. 

In previous releases, the timesheet notifications for the New User Experience linked resource managers and users to the parent timesheet or review page. The user had to specify the time period and managers had to specify both the time period and resource.

New Timesheet Options

The following timesheet options can be set in classic PPM under AdministrationTimesheet Options to support time entry in the New User Experience:

  • Allow Entry of Line Item Totals allows users to enter one total time value at the task level. The total value is spread evenly across the work days of the time period.
  • Display Time Attestation Message on Submit displays an attestation confirmation message before a user can submit their timesheet. Administrators can edit the confirmation message text in the Timesheet Attestation Message lookup in classic PPM.

Administrative Enhancements

Hide Banner Message About Internet Explorer 11 

By default, classic PPM supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 11; however, the New User Experience does not. We recommend that users switch to a modern supported web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge as listed in the Release Notes. When users attempt to access the New User Experience features in CA PPM, a banner message reminds them that Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) is not supported.

As an administrator, you can hide these banner messages. For example, your organization has decided to allow users to continue to use IE11 for the short-term until your IT staff can transition users to a new browser. The setting only controls the visibility of the banner message. Even if you hide the banners, IE11 remains an unsupported browser for the New User Experience. See Client-Side Components on this page for the list of supported browsers.

Access Rights and License Types

In previous releases, the application included users with the Report - Run (Auto) access right in the count of restricted licenses. In this service pack, users with Report - Run (Auto) are considered to possess a view - only license. See Access Rights Reference and View User Counts by License Type.

Advanced Reporting and Data Warehouse Enhancements

Jaspersoft reports with date filters now support dynamic date filtering when users run or schedule reports from the Advanced Reporting page in classic PPM.

Enhanced Trending Data Synchronization

The 15.4.1 service pack resolves a specific type of troubleshooting issue where the PPM database is restored and the data warehouse schema is blank. A dependency on the existence of trending data has been removed. This enhancement applies to both Oracle and MS SQL databases.

  • The PPM trending metadata is always in sync with the data warehouse metadata.
  • Trending job failures no longer occur due to an out of sync condition.
  • This enhancement preserves data accuracy for PPM trending and the data Warehouse.

Enhanced MVL Storage and Improved Performance of the Load Data Warehouse Job

Full and incremental Load Data Warehouse jobs perform faster in this release due to improvements in multi-value lookup (MVL) processing and storage. General performance improvements apply to Oracle and SQL data warehouses entries with a large number of MVL values (such as cost plans).

This release also includes specific improvements on Oracle data warehouse MVL values with long strings over 4,000 characters. These long strings were often the result of concatenation with the listagg function and have been redesigned for better performance in Oracle data warehouse databases. No changes were necessary on SQL datasets because MVL data overflow issues were not observed on Microsoft SQL.

Data Warehouse Performance Improvements

  • Financial Transaction Facts: A new internal processing table DWH_X_PLAN_ACT_PER_FACTS in the data warehouse improves performance. The new table, available in both Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases, improves incremental and full loads of the data warehouse. 
  • Oracle Merge Capability: Incremental data warehouse load performance is improved by leveraging Oracle database merge capabilities in the following tables:

    While not guaranteed, tentative product plans target the expansion of this capability to more tables in future releases.

Classic PPM Investment Hierarchy Multi-Currency Enhancement

Program and investment hierarchies in the classic user interface now include currency exchange rates in exports to Excel or comma-separated values (CSV). When multiple currencies are active, the aggregation of child values requires currency conversions before calculating correct totals. Exported data has been updated to match.

For example, you use the project or program portfolio hierarchy pages in classic PPM and run the Synchronize Portfolio Investments job. You regularly view the following fields:

  Planned Cost
Planned Capital Cost
Planned Operating Cost
Planned NPV
Planned Benefit
Budgeted Cost
Budgeted Capital Cost
Budgeted Operating Cost
Budgeted Benefit
Budgeted NPV

In multi-currency environments in previous releases, some list views were not currency-aware and did not perform currency conversions in summed totals. This release supports the ability to plan subproject costs in a local currency and then roll these costs into the main project in the target converted currency. The converted values apply exchange rates before calculating their totals. Exports to CSV or Excel (data only) match the values that appear in classic PPM.

FedRAMP Environments

The Classic PPM features in the SaaS edition of CA PPM are FedRAMP-ready for public sector customers. CA PPM SaaS has passed the rigorous cloud software security testing requirements of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). Clarity PPM 15.4.1 achieved FedRAMP-Ready status with this pivotal federal agency and Clarity PPM 15.5.1 advanced to FedRAMP In Process status. Now hosted on the CA FedRAMP General Support System (GSS) Clarity PPM has also completed its third-party assessment. 

To meet the strict policy requirements, the following features in Clarity PPM for FedRAMP environments are disabled:

  • CA PPM Mobile Time Manager app
  • Jaspersoft Studio and TIBCO JasperMobile app
  • New User Experience
  • SQL tags in GEL scripts
  • Creating and editing custom HTML and interactive portlets from the user interface, content packages, or any other method

REST API Support

Clarity PPM includes REST APIs; however, they are currently not supported for customers or partners. The use of REST APIs is limited to CA engineering teams. Our strategy is to focus on developing robust APIs as we design our New User Experience. As we make architectural improvements, add capabilities, and optimize performance, we are also improving the APIs. We review our strategy every release and plan to make the APIs publicly available as soon as possible.

Hardware and Software Compatibility Requirements

Tip: The release supports only the specified versions. The appearance of a given minimum version number followed by "or higher" or "and newer updates" indicates a strong likelihood for continued future compatibility; however, new third-party software cannot be guaranteed to remain compatible. Updates to future releases might not be compatible. For example, the supported minimum version for a component is 12.1. You might be able to apply or 12.1.1 without incident; however, 12.2 might not work as expected and require that you roll back to 12.1.

Hardware Requirements

See CA PPM Architecture and Sizing Recommendations in Installing and Upgrading.

Server Operating System (OS) Requirements

The following table specifies the minimum supported 64-bit operating system (OS) versions for Clarity PPM application and background servers. Clarity PPM is supported on any localized version of the supported operating systems. Only the patches, service packs, and updates for the specified versions are also supported.

  • Certified platforms are fully tested and supported by CA Technologies.
  • Compatible platforms are partially tested, tested in prior releases, or noted as a downstream compatible distribution.


Minimum Version

Support Type

Microsoft Windows Server

2016 Standard or Datacenter


2012 and 2012 R2 Standard or Datacenter


Red Hat Enterprise Linux





Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL)



6u8 Compatible




SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SUSE)



Clarity PPM Components

  The following table specifies the supported components for this release of Clarity PPM.

Component Version


See CA Support Statement for Virtualization.

Database (1)

  • Oracle 12c R2: Oracle Standard and Enterprise Edition
    • Linux: Database RUR patch 26518812 (supersedes patch 22502456 PSU or higher
    • Windows: 32-bit and x86-64 BP patch 26758841 (supersedes patch 22839608 Windows DB Bundle or higher
  • Oracle 12c R1: Oracle Standard and Enterprise Edition
    • Linux: Patch 22291127 PSU: or higher patch level
    • Windows: Patch 22809813 Version or higher patch level
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition: Service Pack 1 or higher
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition: Service Pack 2 or higher

Tip: You might also need to upgrade to a temporary intermediary release of CA PPM before you can upgrade your database. See the sample scenarios in Upgrade Enhancements in CA PPM 15.4.1 Change Impact and Upgrade.

Database Interface

  • Clarity PPM DataDirect Type 5 (v5.1.4) Drivers for Oracle and SQL Server (included in the Clarity PPM distribution media)

Java Runtime (2)

  • Oracle Java SE JDK 8 update 161 (64-bit) or higher patch level

Application Server (3)

Apache Tomcat 8.5.28 or higher patch level (64-bit)

Report Server (4)

JasperReports Server 6.4.2 available exclusively as CA Business Intelligence Jaspersoft Reports Server 6.4.2_5.4.2.15 for CA PPM

Mail Server

Any SMTP/IMAPI/POP3 mail server can be used. Clarity PPM does not explicitly support any one vendor.


1. Databases can be run on any vendor-supported platform. Production databases are only supported on virtualized architectures that are supported by Oracle and Microsoft product architecture stacks. Customers who use architecture platforms that are not specified by Oracle or Microsoft have limited support. CA Support determines which problems on an unsupported platform are repeatable on a supported platform and which problems are already defined as known problems.

    1. Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) is supported.
    2. Where (x) represents the patch level supported. (For example, say the product supports A new version is supported; however, is a new release and is not inherently supported).
    3. SQL Server Named Instances is supported. SQL Server Clustering is supported with manual intervention after a database failure to restart failed background processes. Microsoft SQL Server Always On mode is not supported.
    4. Any Microsoft SQL Server deployment that expands beyond 5,000 users must be approved by CA Technologies. Due to Microsoft SQL Server online transaction processing (OLTP) scale limitations with products like Clarity PPM, we recommend Oracle.
    5. Customers in large high-throughput environments with virtualized architectures might observe possible performance issues. For better performance in virtual environments, use RHEL or OEL. 
    6. Starting with database, Oracle changed their patch model from Patch Set Updates (PSU) and Proactive Bundle Patches (BP) to Release Updates (RU) and Release Update Revisions (RUR).

2. CA Technologies recommends running the latest patch level.
3. Clarity PPM is supported on any localized version of the supported application servers.
4. Clarity PPM does not support Jaspersoft Flash charts. Jaspersoft Enterprise includes OLAP server but Clarity PPM does not support OLAP server. 

Products Included With Clarity PPM

The following table specifies the third-party software that is licensed and shipped with Clarity PPM. The following software is included on the Clarity PPM Install Media, DVD Master that is available in the CA Download Center



Java Runtime

The JDK installers for all supported operating systems.

Application Server

Apache Tomcat for all supported operating systems.

Report Server

JasperReports Server 6.4.2 or 7.1

JasperReports Server Operating System

The following table specifies the supported operating system (OS) platforms for application and background servers running the Jaspersoft report server software.

  • Certified platforms are fully tested and supported by CA Technologies.
  • Compatible platforms are partially tested, tested in prior releases, or noted as a downstream compatible distribution.



Support Type

Windows Server 64-bit

2012 R2 Standard any update


2012 R2 Datacenter any update


2012 Standard any update


2012 Datacenter any update


Red Hat (RHEL) 64-bit (1)

6.5, 7.1, 7.4 (2)


5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 6.1, 6.4 (2)


Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) 64-bit (1)

7u1 and newer updates (2)


CentOS 64-bit (1)

7u1 and newer updates(2)


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 64–bit (1)

11 and newer service packs (2)


Notes: CA supports only the listed versions and configurations of Jaspersoft integrated with Clarity PPM. No other configurations, including Jaspersoft versions and configurations that are supported directly by TIBCO, are supported by CA Technologies.

  1. Jaspersoft is supported on localized versions of supported operating systems.
  2. Jaspersoft on RHEL, OEL, CentOS, and SUSE connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server database is not currently supported.

Specifications: Jaspersoft Components

The following table shows the supported database, Java runtime environment, application server, report server, and mail server for Jaspersoft. 

Component Version

Database (2)

  • Oracle 11g R2 Standard and Enterprise Edition: version

  • Oracle 12c Standard and Enterprise Edition: version

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition: Service Pack 1 or higher Service Pack
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition

Java Runtime (3)

  • Oracle Java SE JDK 8 update 161 (64-bit) or higher patch level for 6.4.2
  • Oracle Java SE JDK 8 update 171 (64-bit) or higher patch level for 7.1
Application Server (4)
  • Apache Tomcat 8.5.28 or higher patch level (64-bit)
  • Apache Tomcat 8.5.30 is recommended with JasperReports Server 7.1
Report Server (5)
  • JasperReports Server 7.1 available exclusively as CA Business Intelligence Jaspersoft Reports Server for CA PPM (recommended)
  • JasperReports Server 6.4.2 available exclusively as CA Business Intelligence Jaspersoft Reports Server 6.4.2_5.4.2.15 for CA PPM (also supported)
Mail Server
  • Any SMTP mail server can be used. Jaspersoft does not explicitly support any one vendor.


2. Databases can be run on any vendor-supported platform. Production databases are only supported on virtualized architectures that are supported by Oracle and Microsoft product architecture stacks. Oracle is recommended over SQL Server. Customers on architecture platforms that are not specified by Oracle or Microsoft receive limited support. CA Support determines whether a problem on an unsupported platform is reproducible on a supported platform or already defined as a known problem.

    1. Future patch levels might work but are not inherently supported.
    2. SQL Server Named Instances are supported. SQL Server Clustering is supported with manual intervention after a database failure to restart failed background processes.
    3. Any Microsoft SQL Server deployment that expands beyond 10,000 users must be approved by CA Technologies, otherwise Oracle is a requirement due to scalability limitations associated with Microsoft SQL Server and how it handles OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) products like Clarity PPM.
    4. Customers in large high-throughput environments with virtualized architectures might observe possible performance issues. For better performance in virtual environments, use RHEL or OEL. 

3. CA Technologies recommends running the latest patch level.

4. Jaspersoft is supported on localized versions of supported application servers. Due to performance issues observed on 8.5.31, Tomcat 8.5.30 is recommended for JasperReports Server 7.1.

5. Clarity PPM does not support Jaspersoft flash charts. Jaspersoft Enterprise includes OLAP Server but Clarity PPM does not support OLAP Server.

Integrated Servers

The following table specifies the supported software for servers integrating with Clarity PPM.

Software Version

Single Sign On Server

CA Single Sign-On 12.52 SP01 CR01
CA Single Sign-On 12.51 CR05

LDAP Server

Supports any LDAP v3 compliant directory server such as CA Directory, Microsoft Active Directory, NetIQ eDirectory, Oracle Internet Directory, and Oracle Directory Server. (We do not support LDAP Active Directory with multiple domains.)

Agile Applications

The following table specifies the originally supported versions of agile applications that integrate with Clarity PPM.

As of August 2018, the integration of any release of CA PPM with any on-premise edition of CA Agile Central (formerly Rally) is no longer supported. CA PPM and CA Agile Central SaaS integrations are recommended.

Agile Application
On Premise

CA Agile Central

 CA Agile Central On-Premises Edition 2016.2


CA Agile Central Enterprise(2)

CA Agile Central Unlimited


  1. Supported with WSAPI version 3.0 minimum.
  2. CA Agile Central Enterprise is only supported if Portfolio Manager is also purchased.

Client-Side Components

The following table specifies the supported software for client computers accessing Clarity PPM. 


Microsoft Windows

Apple Mac OS

Desktop Linux

Operating Systems

  • Windows 7 SP1, all editions, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Windows 8.1, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Windows 10.0, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Mac OS X; Release 10.11.2 or higher
  • Any vendor or version with support for browsers listed under the Web Browsers section.

Web Browsers

  • Microsoft Edge 40.15063.674.0 or higher (Windows 10)
  • Firefox Quantum 58.0.2 or higher (2)
  • Google Chrome 64.0.3282.167 or higher (2)
  • Internet Explorer 11.967.16299 (Classic PPM only; the New User Experience no longer supports Internet Explorer) (11)
  • Safari 11.0.3 or higher
  • Google Chrome 64 or higher(2) (7)
  • Firefox Quantum 58 or higher(2)
  • Google Chrome 64 or higher (2) (7)

Client Applications(1)

  • Microsoft Excel 2013 - 2016 32-bit and 64-bit, all editions (6)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013-2016, 32-bit and 64-bit, all editions (6)
  • Microsoft Project 2013, 2013 SP1, and 2016, 32-bit and 64-bit, all editions (5)
  • Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus (9)
  • Java Runtime Environment 8 update 161 or higher(3)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher (8)
  • CA Open Workbench 2.1.2 (10)
  • Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 for Mac
  • No Microsoft Project support
  • No Open Workbench support
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher (8)
  • No Excel Export support
  • No Microsoft Project support
  • No Open Workbench support
Client Reporting Tools
  • Jaspersoft Studio Professional 6.4.2, with CA JDBC Adapter(4)
Jaspersoft Studio Professional 6.4.2, with CA JDBC Adapter(4)

Third-party SOAP Integration Toolkits

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (.NET Framework 4.5.1)
  • Apache Axis2
  • Apache Axis2
  • Apache Axis2
  1. Using multiple versions of third-party software concurrently is not supported and can cause out-of-sync and compatibility issues. CA Technologies supports only versions of third-party software that the vendor supports.
  2. New Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge releases might be supported with minimal testing after being released.
  3. Java 8 Runtime is required for the XML Open Gateway (XOG) Client.
  4. CA JDBC Adapter 6.4.2 or higher is required for report development to connect to the CA PPM transactional or data warehouse database without a VPN connection.
  5. The Microsoft Project (MSP) interface requires .NET Framework 4.5.1 or higher. MSP support includes the following limitations:
    1. Microsoft Project 2013 is only supported for the legacy Clarity PPM MSP driver.
    2. Microsoft Project 2013 SP1 and 2016 are only supported for the new Clarity PPM MSP driver. Microsoft Project 2013 SP1 and 2016 require the Microsoft February 2016 patches. See the Microsoft Knowledge Base articles KB3114739 for 2013 SP1 and KB3114714 for 2016. Updated patch information is also available from CA Support.
    3. For Clarity PPM project dependencies information to export completely to the Predecessors column in MSP with the new driver, verify that that the same language (for example, Spanish) is selected in all the following applications:

      • Windows OS

      • MS Projects

      • Language Format in control panel

  6. Microsoft Office 365 2013 and 2016 are supported. Clarity PPM also supports the Click-to-Run virtualization option; however, Microsoft Project is not supported with this option.
  7. Support Type of Compatible.
  8. To view reports that are exported in PDF format.
  9. Support for Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus includes only Excel and PowerPoint, not Microsoft Project Pro. The following limitation applies to users of Excel Online. In a CA PPM list or portlet, you cannot use the Export to Excel (Data Only) option. Office365 and Excel Online cannot read the XLS output file. Users might see the following Excel Online error: There is something in your workbook that we don't understand. Use Export to Excel instead of Export to Excel (Data Only). If you require Export to Excel (Data Only), use the Excel client application Save As command to save the file as XLS, XLSX, or CSV and then post to OneDrive or SharePoint. Excel Online can now open the data. 
  10. Open Workbench is supported on Windows 10; however, mobile devices, tablets, and hybrid devices such as Surface Pro are not supported due to screen resolution constraints.
  11. Since Release 15.4.0, the New User Experience no longer supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). Classic PPM still supports IE11 for backward compatibility. Microsoft is only making select security updates to IE11. To achieve the best performance, we recommend updating to a newer browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Edge. Microsoft Windows 10 includes Microsoft Edge, a faster, newer, and more productive web browser. Microsoft recommends using Microsoft Edge as your default browser and is only supporting IE11 for backward compatibility. Using the optional Enterprise Mode, PPM customers at organizations that still require IE11 can use Microsoft Edge as their default browser while also ensuring that legacy applications continue working on IE11. To learn more, contact your IT department and the browser life cycle information provided online by Microsoft.

Tip: Starting with CA PPM 15.4.1, web applications, integrations, browsers, OS, and network settings for access to CA PPM SaaS must all support TLS 1.2. All browser requirements for CA PPM already meet this minimum standard, so very little, if any, impact is anticipated for new installations or upgrades. Chrome 30, Firefox 27, Safari 7, Edge, and even IE 11 have already supported TLS 1.2 for several years.

CA Clarity Mobile Time Manager 2.0

The following table specifies the minimum mobile operating system (OS) platforms that are supported for the CA Clarity Mobile Time Manager 2.0 mobile app. 



Mobile OS

  • Apple iOS 10.3.3 or higher
  • Google Android OS 4.4 or higher

Note: For new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and security patches, update your mobile device to the latest supported OS. For example, your mobile tablet might support Android OS 6.0.1 while your phone supports Android OS 7.1. If a new update for iOS or Android OS is available, install it to protect your device. However, CA cannot guarantee compatibility with any future third-party software or hardware component.

Change Summary: Release

Component Description
Server Java Runtime
  • Updated support for Java 8, update 161
  • No changes
Products Included
  • No changes
Integrated Servers
  • Dropped support for CA PPM integration with SharePoint Server
Mobile OS for CA Clarity Mobile Time Manager
  • Updated support for the latest iOS and Android patch levels available at the time of release for the CA Clarity Mobile Time Manager app only
Database Server
  • No changes 
Application Server
  • Updated support for Tomcat 8.5.28
Report Server
  • Updated support for Tomcat 8.5.28
Client Browsers
  • Updated support for new releases of Firefox, Edge, and Chrome browsers
Client Applications
  • No changes
CA Agile Central (formerly Rally)
  • No changes

New! Change History by Release

Add-In Compatibilities

The following add-ins, accelerators, and connector versions are compatible with this release:

Add-in, Accelerator, or Connector Version
PMO Accelerator 15.4.1
Application Portfolio Management (APM) Add-in 15.4.1
Agile Add-In 15.4.1
Earned Value Manager 2.0.3
Accelerator for PRINCE2 2.0.3
Accelerator for the PMBOK 2.0.7
Accelerator for New Product Development 2.0.5
CA Agile Planning (no longer supported) 14.1
CA PPM SaaS Integration Adaptor 14.1

Add-Ins Not Available for New and Upgrading Customers

The following add-ins are no longer available for new or upgrading customers. For details, see End of Life Announcement.

Accelerator or Connector Version End of Life Date
Business Relationship Manager (BRM) Accelerator 3.0.2 June 30, 2016
Clarity PPM Catalyst Connector
2.5.0 June 30, 2016
CA Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management (APM) Connector 2.0.2 June 30, 2016
Connector for CA Unicenter Service Desk and CA Software Change Manager 2.0.1 June 30, 2016
PPM Essentials Accelerator 2.0.2 June 30, 2016
Service Connect 2.0.0 June 30, 2016

Java Runtime Environment Defects

The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is updated frequently with fixes for security issues, including issues that are unknown at the time Clarity PPM is released. To ensure that you have the latest fixes, we recommend that you download the most recent JDK for the specified Java release on this page. For example, if Java 8 update n is listed, an update to n+1 is likely compatible. However, do not assume that Java 9, 10, 11, or 18.x (new naming convention) are compatible.

End-of-Support for SharePoint Integrations

The End-of-Life (EOL) milestone for the Microsoft SharePoint Connector Add-in for CA PPM and CA PPM SaaS was announced May 22, 2018. Since 15.4.1 supersedes 15.4, dropped support for SharePoint integration with 15.4.1 is retroactively reflected by its removal from the 15.4 and 15.4.1 documentation. The documentation for the SharePoint integration will remain available (you can switch to another release such as 15.3 to find it). However, this feature will no longer appear in the 15.4.x documentation or in newer editions to make room for new features and enhancements. The SharePoint Add-in will no longer be enhanced or maintained after May 22, 2018. This feature will no longer qualify for any support beyond May 31, 2019. After May 31, 2019, in accordance with our End-of-Life Support Policy, CA Technologies will continue to provide self-service support until the expiration of your current contractual support period.

Sharepoint 2013 mainstream support from Microsoft ended in April 2018. Only extended fee-based support contracts are available from Microsoft. As an alternative, customers can use the new conversation attachments, documents, and links features in the CA PPM New User Experience or inquire about more advanced solutions from CA Services or CA Partners.

International Support

An internationalized product is an English language product with an architecture that supports operation on local language versions of the required operating system and required third-party products, and that supports local language data for input and output. Internationalized products also support the ability to specify local language conventions for date, time, currency, and number formats.

translated product (sometimes referred to as a localized product) is an internationalized product that includes local language support for the user interface of the product and local language default settings for date, time, currency, and number formats.

The English language edition of Clarity PPM is localized in 20 other languages and supports over 100 regional settings for date, time, and number formatting.

The New User Experience, classic user interface, reports, and online help documentation are available in the following languages:

Language Classic PPM and Reports New UX Online Help
1 Brazilian Portuguese yes


2 Catalan yes yes Spanish
3 Czech yes yes English
4 Danish yes yes English
5 Dutch yes yes English
6 English yes yes yes
7 Finnish yes yes English
8 French yes


9 German yes yes yes
10 Hungarian yes yes English
11 Italian yes yes yes
12 Japanese yes yes yes
13 Korean yes yes English
14 Norwegian yes yes English
15 Polish yes yes English
16 Russian yes yes English
17 Simplified Chinese yes


18 Spanish yes yes yes
19 Swedish yes yes English
20 Traditional Chinese yes yes Simplified Chinese
and English
21 Turkish yes yes English

The localized online help is a subset of the full English documentation. No login is required to view the public portion of online help for business users. The full documentation set is only available in English and requires that users register and log in to view all content (public and restricted).


CA Education offers many training solutions for Clarity PPM. One important course you may consider explains the CA Productivity Accelerator (CA PA). To learn more about the training offerings, see the CA Education website at


CA Technologies is committed to ensuring all customers can successfully use its products and supporting documentation to accomplish business tasks. Clarity PPM provides standard user assistance features. The software also inherits the accessibility features of the operating system, browser, and device that you are using. To learn more, see CA PPM User Accessibility Features.

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