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CA Plex - 7.2.1
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New and Updated Features

Last update January 19, 2018

This section documents the new and updated features for the current release of CA Plex:

Visual Studio 2013 Upgrade - Plex IDE, WinC and WinNTC

Plex IDE and WinC, WinNTC runtimes has upgraded/built with Visual Studio 2013.

As this is huge compiler upgrade, it was not possible to maintain backward compatibility due to huge difference in C run-time across compilers used.

Considering this upgrade:

  • No WinC/WinNTC run-time backward compatibility.
  • Run-time version string has changed to 721 from 600. E.g. Plex binary Ob600lc.dll is now named as Ob721lc.dll.
  • Need regen/rebuild for WinC/WinNTC objects.

Plex WinC/WinNTC variant have the following as prerequisites:

  • Visual Studio 2013 Professional with Update 5
  • Multibyte MFC Library for Visual Studio 2013

Note: For C++ application deployment – refer Product local help system (CHM files) topic ‘Deploying Windows C++ Clients’ along with following considerations.

  • Plex run-time version string changed to 721 from 600, make sure to consider the binary name as per new version string – e.g. Ob600lc.dll becomes Ob721lc.dll, and so on.
  • Install Visual Studio 2013 redistributable package for Microsoft Visual C++ libraries.

EJB 3.x support

CA Plex now provides support for the most current release of EJB. As part of this release we dropped support for EJB 1.x and 2.x as they are deprecated. 

Generated EAR file from Plex can be deployed on any application server that supports EJB 3.x.

Plex EJB connector must have the following as prerequisite:

  • Reference implementation of EJB 3.x (GlassFish) must be available to compile the generated sources.
  • J2EE application server that supports EJB 3.x for deployment.


There is a new property "EJB Remote Interface" introduced in BLD file to control the EJB interface type generation. Following property needs to be added/updated in local model build configuration file (.bld) accordingly. 

If EJB Remote Interface property is set to 0 then EJB interface would be of type Local and if the option is set to 1 then EJB interface would be of type Remote


EJB Remote Interface=0 | 1

Java Client Testing tool support

With this release Testing tool support has been extended to Java variant. Now this feature is available with WinC, C# and Java variants.

QA automation tool such as HP QTP can work with Plex generated Java client functions and can also run recorded project/scripts repeatedly using unique name (name) property against controls.

.Net framework upgrade to 4.6

CA Plex .Net run-time have been upgraded to .Net framework 4.6. All Plex generated .Net applications will be based on .Net 4.6.

The application includes .Net client/server, WCF generator, Packager tool, Code Library Wizard, Management Console etc. 

To run Plex r7.2.1 generated .Net application the prerequisite would be:

  • .Net Framework 4.6 along with Targetting pack


  • Windows 10 comes with .Net Framework 4.6.1 as a default. This will prevent .Net Framework 4,6 installation as higher version is already installed.
  • On Windows 10, we may get warnings related to the processor architecture as Plex .Net runtime is based on .Net 4.6 and the machine has 4.6.1. We can ignore these warnings.
  • To debug Plex C# generated application with visual Studio 2013 where .Net Framework 4.6.1 is installed, make sure you have appropriate .Net Framework targeting pack installed.

Support for SQL Server 2014

CA Plex now provides support for the most current release of SQL Server Database. For more information about the supported versions of SQL Server Database, see the CA Plex Support Compatibility Matrix.

Java 1.8 support

CA Plex now supports Java 1.8. The installation has updated version of Apache ANT 1.9.4 which is based on Java 1.8.

Windows 10 support

CA Plex now provides support for the most current release of Windows Operating system. For more information see the CA Plex Support Compatibility Matrix.

Note: As per the Microsoft compatibility matrix, Windows 10 is not certified Operating System for Visual Studio 2013.

          CA Plex is certified with Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2013 Professional (Update 5).  

          Following internal testing in CA QA labs, there were no installation issues with Visual Studio 2013 Professional (Update 5) and Plex QA regression suite was successful.

Features Removed from CA Plex r7.2.1

The following feature has been removed from this release:

  • EJB 1.x and 2.x support
  • Bookshelf is no more being shipped as part of the product. This CA Plex Wiki Documentation space displays the most current information.
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  1. Jorge Ubeda
    2016-09-01 03:59

    Removing bookshelf is a bad idea if Wiki documentation is not updated and reviewed looking for accuracy. At this moment, Wiki is by far incomplete, and sometimes unaccurate, like "System i Components", which is a mess of unrelated concepts, not at this moment, but since months ago.

    1. Ranjana Goswami
      2016-09-20 03:48

      Thank you for your feedback. We have tracked your detailed feedback in the communities. We will look into how we can improve the organization of the content so that it more helpful. Please continue to provide your feedback on the DocOps space.