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CA Panvalet - 14.6
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Last update December 18, 2017

Footprinting provides protection of a CA Panvalet library when the library is shared across like or unlike operating systems. Footprinting eliminates the need for a long-term hardware reserve when updating a library shared across operating systems. With footprinting, the reserve is active only for the time required to read or write the footprint. The footprint itself is a two-byte field in the library control record. This footprint must be unique for each operating system sharing the library. Each operating system recognizes its own footprint and does not attempt to update the library as long as some other footprint is indicated in the control record.

The footprint ID is an installation option. For more information, see the FTP= parameter on the PVOPT macro.

Note: CA Technologies does not recommend using footprinting if the CA Panvalet QNAMES have been defined to products that change hardware reserves to software enqueues across systems (that is, MIM or GRS).
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