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CA MICS Resource Management - 14.1
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SAS System Software Requirements

Last update October 30, 2018

CA MICS uses the SAS System for its operational, parameter generation, and interactive data analysis applications. CA MICS requires Base SAS for all products. SAS/GRAPH is an optional SAS software product that some CA MICS products and the CA MICS Workstation Facility support.

Beginning with SAS 9.3, producing color graphics no longer requires a SAS/GRAPH license. The Graph Template Language (GTL), and the ODS Graphics Procedures are now available with Base SAS software. These components let you create charts and graphs from the Base SAS product directly.

CA MICS supports the following GA releases of SAS:

Product Supported Releases Supported
Base SAS 9.4.0




Use of SAS 9.3 at TS1M0 also requires application of SAS Hotfix E80004 and Hotfix E80023.

*The SAS Institute reduced SAS 9.1.3 to Level C support on September 30, 2013. Refer to the SAS support site for more information regarding SAS Technical Support Services and Policies. We encourage you to migrate to a fully supported release.

You license the SAS software product from the SAS Institute, which maintains the product. CA MICS uses the SAS software product and is sensitive to its changes. We try to coordinate with the SAS Institute to minimize risks due to differing maintenance levels of Base SAS software. For the successful operation of CA MICS, we recommend that you follow SAS Institute's policy for maintaining SAS libraries.

We recommend maintaining a separate copy of the following SAS libraries for use with CA MICS:

  • CNTL
    (SAS 9.1.3)
    (SAS 9.2 and later)
    (SAS 9.1.3 and later)

*Review the contents of this file. If you copy the listed files under a new name for CA MICS, edit this file to specify the new high-level-qualifier you chose, depending on whether your SAS installer defined it here.

Maintaining separate SAS libraries for CA MICS insulates CA MICS from unexpected failures attributable to SAS upgrades or maintenance. Additionally, at times CA MICS may require a SAS hot-fix that may be undesirable to your in-house SAS community.

To convert to a new SAS version, see Converting CA MICS to a New SAS Version.

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