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Mainframe Team Center – Content Viewer - 14.0
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Manage Your Repositories

Last update June 7, 2017

Administrators can manage repositories in Mainframe Team Center – Content Viewer. These repository objects reference repositories in CA View 14.0. This page lets you add, edit, and delete repositories. If you want to add a repository, enter a name and description that users may recognize easily. When you complete any of these actions, the createdby and modifiedby fields update in the repository database with the the userid that made the change.

Add a Repository

You want to add a repository to the CA View database. For example, you want to add the West Coast CA View repository. After you select a repository and log in with your mainframe credentials, the Administrator option appears as a gear icon.

Follow these steps:

  1. From the left menu, click Manage, Repositories.
    The Admin page appears.
  2. Click Add Repository.
    The Add Repository dialog appears.
  3. Complete the following fields, then click Add.


    Specifies the name of the repository that you want to reference.

    Example: West Coast Repository


    (Optional) Specifies a description about the repository.

    Example: West Coast CA View Reports


    Specifies a path to the repository on the system.

    Example: USA.WESTV14


    (Optional) Specifies the product that contains the repository, such as CA View.

    Example: VIEW140

    Character Set

    Select the EBCDIC character set of the repository from the drop-down list.

    Example: CP037

    Report Access

    Specifies the Report Access option. Regardless of which option you specify, users can always:

      • View the names of both online and offline (tape) reports in their list of reports.
      • Select and view online reports. Typically, online reports appear immediately.

Whether users can select and view offline reports in this repository depends on the Report Access setting that you specify, as follows:


Retrieves offline reports on tape using the Expanded Access Server (EAS). 

This option applies only if you have enabled EAS through CA View. For details about EAS and how to implement it, see Configuration Best Practices in the CA View documentation.

Offline reports appear with a status of EAS to users. Users can select and view these reports.

Online only

Retrieves online reports only (the default). 

Offline reports appear with a status of OFFLINE to users. Users cannot select or view these reports.


Retrieves offline reports by requesting that the report be recalled from tape.

This option applies only if you have completed the process to automate the recall of offline reports. This process requires configuration in CA View and your automation tool (for example, CA OPS/MVS).

Offline reports appear with a status of RECALLABLE to users. If users select a recallable report, they receive the CAHVS0350E message that the system is attempting to access the report and that they should try again later. If the report has been previously recalled from tape by another user, they receive the CAHVS0351E message that a recall is in progress and that they should try again later. For details about the CAHVS0350E and CAHVS0351E messages, see Messages.

Edit or Delete a Repository

You can edit or delete a repository from the Manage Repositories column on this page. If you click Delete, a confirmation dialog appears. To edit a repository, click Edit and modify any of the following fields:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Path
  • Product
  • Character Set
  • Report Access


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