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CA JCLCheck™ Workload Automation - 12.0
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Last update September 13, 2018

We recommend that JOBTYPE(S) be specified to enable system symbolics for all job types UNLESS AU(TOPROC) is specified in a complex procedure library environment.

The JOBTYPE option specifies the type of JCL to scan: JOB, started task, or time-sharing user.

This option can impact procedure library selection when AUTOPROC is specified, and it can affect system symbol substitution.

JES parameter keyword JOB/STC/TSUCLASS has sub-parameters that specify procedure library selection which can differ for started tasks, TSO sessions, and batch jobs (as well as batch job classes). When AUTOPROC is specified in an environment where procedure libraries differ based on job category (JOB/STC/TSU), the JOBTYPE option can affect how JCL procedures are expanded.

This option has the following format:


type is one of the following values:

J -- (batch job) - System Symbolics are disabled 
S -- (started task) - System Symbolics are enabled
T -- (time-sharing user) - System Symbolics are enabled

Default: JOBType(J)

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