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CA IDMS - 19.0
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External Wait Time

Last update October 8, 2015

External wait time is the amount of time the DC/UCF system waits for an external user session to issue a database request before assuming that it has terminated. When the external wait time elapses, the system abnormally terminates the external request unit with an error status of nn69 and initiates recovery procedures.

How You Define External Wait Time

Use the EXTERNAL WAIT parameter of the system generation SYSTEM statement to specify the external wait time or to disable the external-wait mechanism.

The TASK statement may be used to override the EXTERNAL WAIT time specified on the SYSTEM statement.

Note: For more information about the SYSTEM statement, see SYSTEM Statement.

The following considerations apply to specifying an external wait time:

  • If the value specified is high, abends can go undetected for long periods of time, making valuable resources unavailable to other programs.
  • If the value specified is low, the system may determine that a program has abended when, in fact, it has not.
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