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CA IDMS - 19.0
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Modifying a Map Using MAPC

Last update August 28, 2017

In the previous section, you modified the structure of the Department application based on preferences at the site. Map layouts can also be modified to satisfy end-user and site requirements. As a developer, you can modify a map's layout as soon as the modifications are suggested and approved.

This section provides instructions for using MAPC to modify the layout of XXXMAP, and includes:

  • An overview of modifying maps
  • Steps for modifying sample map XXXMAP
  • Steps for associating the updated map with dialogs that use the map
  • Steps for executing the application
  • A summary of what you've accomplished in this section

Maps can be modified easily during development or at any other time in an application's life cycle. Modifications can be suggested by development staff and end users. For example, end users who execute the prototype Department application can request that the department ID variable field be displayed in bright intensity to make it easier to locate on the screen.

You can modify a map to make the map conform to screen-display conventions at a given site. For example, it may be necessary to display the current date on each map, or to change the location of particular fields on the map.

Changes to XXXMAP

In this section, you will make changes to map XXXMAP so that:

  • The current date is displayed on the map -- You will add a variable field to display the current date at runtime, and an adjacent literal field (DATE) to label the displayed information.
  • The department ID number is displayed in bright intensity -- You will modify the variable field that displays department ids to make the data display in bright intensity at runtime.
  • Error messages for fields provide specific information -- You will modify definitions for both the department ID and department head ID variable fields to define specific error messages for the fields.
  • The NEXT RESPONSE literal and variable fields are displayed at a higher row on the screen -- You will modify the NEXT RESPONSE literal and variable fields to move them to row 18 (to make map XXXMAP conform to other nonmenu screens at the site).

The following screen shows the layout of the modified map. To modify map XXXMAP, you will use the online mapping facility (MAPC), which you used to define the map in Section8, "Defining an Application Structure Using ADSA". After you modify map XXXMAP, you need to update dialogs that use the modified map. To do this, you will use the CA ADS dialog compiler (ADSC), which you used to define dialogs in Section10, "Defining Dialogs Using ADSC".

     FUNCTION: ________

   DATE....: ________

                              DEPARTMENT INFORMATION

   DEPARTMENT ID .......: ____

              NAME .....: ____________________________________________________

              HEAD ID ..: ____

   NEXT RESPONSE:  ________


MAPC and ADSC procedures are presented below, followed by a discussion of executing the application.

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