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CA IDMS - 19.0
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Step 5. Install Default JCL

Last update October 8, 2015

At the initial installation, the default JCL used by CA IDMS Extractor and CA IDMS Dictionary Migrator Assistant will already be present.

CA IDMS Extractor JCL is used to execute the batch components of CA IDMS Extractor. The default CA IDMS Extractor JCL is contained in library members: USVEXEC to extract and load a database, USVPSPC to print extract specifications, and USVPJCL to print extract and load JCL.

The DMA JCL is used for the online job submission of CA IDMS Dictionary Migrator by DMA. The DMA JCL is any JCL for CA IDMS Dictionary Migrator that you are already using or the library member USMXTRCT.

The JCL to upload CA IDMS Extractor and DMA JCL is included in member USVUJCL and XDMBJCL respectively.

  • Before running USVUJCL (CA IDMS Extractor), you must create three sequential datasets from the members USVEXEC, USVPSPC, and USVPJCL.
  • Before running XDMBJCL (DMA), you must create a sequential dataset from your CA IDMS Dictionary Migrator JCL found in your.migrator.jcl.
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