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CA IDMS - 19.0
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IDMSINFO Service Provider

Last update July 15, 2014

The IDMSINFO service provider is a stand-alone address space that provides services through stacking PC routines. This service provider handles space switch PC requests using cross memory communication.

Note: The IDMSINFO service provider is available only on the z/OS platform.

The IDMSINFO service provider is a long-running address space that:

  • Consumes few system resources
  • Runs authorized
  • Provides IDMS performance and status information to monitoring tools
  • Provides IDMS resource manipulation to monitoring tools
Note: The IDMSINFO service provider must be active to be able to use the remote monitoring feature of Performance Monitor.
For IDMSINFO to initiate correctly, it is necessary to have run CAIRIM to install the SVC and related APFLIB modules using GJI5INIT. When CAIRIM installs the SVC using GJI5INIT and the APFLIB, GJI5INIT loads several modules in addition to the SVC. One of the modules is PMRTDATA, which is a module in APFLIB. This module contains the IDMSLPAR DSECT, which IDMSINFO requires. If PMRTDATA has not been loaded into LPA by running the CAIRIM, IDMSINFO returns a DC130051 error.
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