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CA IDMS - 19.0
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Applying Optional Functionality

Last update July 15, 2014

Optional functionality is provided in one of the following ways:

  • Type 1 -- Can be activated by setting one bit in an optional functionality bitmap table. The bitmap table is generated in a new RHDCOPTF module that is loaded during startup processing and anchored in the CSA.
    Note: RI29610 lists all of the current RHDCOPTF bits that are available.
  • Type 2 -- Implements a new SYSIDMS parameter.
  • Type 3 -- Implements new syntax such as new SYSGEN syntax.

Note: No functionality is provided through optional APARs. If a PTF introduces new functionality, it is a required PTF. This functionality is controlled via one of these three methods. Any options previously provided via an optional APAR were converted to one of these three methods. For a list of optional APARs which were replaced, see the Release Notes for Version 18.0.00.

Optional functionality applied through any of these methods can be easily added or removed and can be preserved across maintenance updates.

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