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CA IDMS Reference - 19.0
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DML Reference for COBOL

Last update February 5, 2016

This section contains reference material for writing applications programs in the COBOL language to use CA IDMS/DB, CA IDMS/DC, and CA IDMS UCF services.

This section is intended to be used by COBOL programmers whose programs access CA IDMS databases and who want to use the DC/UCF system facilities Programmers using Assembler language or PL/I should refer to CA IDMS DML Reference section for Assembler or CA IDMS DML Reference section for PL/I.

Copying and Pasting COBOL Code

COBOL compiler requires that the source code is correctly indented.

To preserve the indention of code examples in this section, copy the code examples from the HTML version of the section. Copying from the PDF format does not preserve the indention; it is necessary to restore the indention manually after pasting.

 For more information, see the following topics:

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  1. Brian Brendlinger
    2016-09-16 10:45

    on behalf of Earle Shulman and case 502392 adding comment for historical records: DML REF COBOL missing the entire chapter "Data Manipulation Language Statements"

  2. Pamela Sarantos
    2017-10-10 06:10

    This issue is resolved, seeĀ COBOL Data Manipulation Language (DML) Statements