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CA IDMS Reference - 19.0
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CA IDMS System Tasks and Operator Commands

Last update November 15, 2016

This section describes system tasks and operator commands that you can use to perform a variety of support services for your CA IDMS/DC or CA IDMS UCF system. Except where specifically noted, these tasks and commands are applicable to both DC and UCF (DC/UCF).

System Tasks

A system task allows you to access a DC/UCF system from a logical terminal defined to the system. Provided you have the required authority, you can use system tasks to perform a variety of system services. For example, you can use system tasks to perform the following functions:

  • Dynamically watch activity in the system
  • Display and change attributes assigned to system entities
  • Display and change attributes assigned to your user session

Operator Commands

An operator command allows system operators access to a DC/UCF system from an operator's console. Operator commands allow operators to display information about the system without first signing on to the system.

System Task and Operator Command Information

System task and operator command information is provided in the following format:

  • Introductory paragraph—Describes the function of the task or command.
  • Syntax—Provides a diagram of the task or command syntax.
  • Parameters—Describes the syntax parameters of the task or command.
  • Usage—Describes information about using the task or command and includes the following information where appropriate:
    • The task or command text entered at the terminal
    • The screen display before entering the task or command
    • The screen display returned after entering the task or command
    • Description of information displayed on the screen
    • Relevant usage information
  • More Information—Provides where to find additional or related information.

CA IDMS Components

This section uses the term CA IDMS to refer to any of the following CA IDMS components:

  • CA IDMS/DB—The database management system
  • CA IDMS/DC—The data communications system and proprietary teleprocessing monitor
  • CA IDMS UCF—The universal communications facility for accessing CA IDMS database and data communications services through another teleprocessing monitor, such as CICS
  • CA IDMS DDS—The distributed database system

This section uses the terms DB, DC, UCF, DC/UCF, and DDS to identify the specific CA IDMS component only when it is important to your understanding of the product.

Who Can Use this Section

This section is intended for the following audiences:

  • System administrators responsible for maintaining DC/UCF systems.
  • Systems programmers and application programmers who use the DC/UCF program test environment, who define programs to the system, or who need to monitor and modify system parameters related to program execution.
  • System operators responsible for starting DC/UCF systems and monitoring system execution.

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