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CA IDMS Messages
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Last update August 13, 2015

Scratch area open failed: <reason>


Open of the current scratch area failed. <reason> contains more detailed information:

  1. GETSCRWX RC=<ret-code>: The scratch area is mapped to storage and not enough storage is available to allocate the initial amount of storage. Make sure enough storage is available.
  2. M-Cache RC=<ret-code>: The scratch area is cached in memory, but memory caching failed.
  3. DBIO RC=<ret-code>: The current scratch area, DDLDCSCR (if running CV or a batch job with SYSIDMS parm DC_SCRATCH=ON) or DDLOCSCR (if running a batch job without the SYSIDMS parm DC_SCRATCH=ON) needs to be initialized. Run the FORMAT utility statement for the corresponding scratch area and restart the system or batch program.





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