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CA Identity Suite - 14.2

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CA Identity Suite provides comprehensive identity management and governance capabilities for business users in a unified and easy-to-use interface.

Key Highlights
  • Provides an intuitive self-service console which simplifies processes such as user access request and access certifications thereby improving the business user productivity and satisfaction.
  • Performs risk analysis and certification processes which enables a user to take remediation actions in real time during the access provisioning steps thereby improving audit performance and risk posture with preventive policy enforcement.
  • Delivers core enterprise-grade identity management and governance capabilities, including broad provisioning support for on-premise and cloud apps, extensibility and flexibility to integrate with other IT systems and consumer-grade scale.
  • Simplifies deployment and management with a set of predefined user scenarios.
  • Supports product deployment in minutes.  
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CA Identity Suite Overview


Explore CA Identity Suite Components

CA Identity Suite Components

  • CA Identity Manager
  • CA Identity Governance
  • CA Identity Portal