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CA Embedded Entitlements Manager - 12.51
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Failover Configuration Prerequisites

Last update June 11, 2014

Before you execute the failover tool, perform the following steps:

  • Synchronize the system time of all servers in the failover setup.
  • Verify that all CA EEM Servers are configured in the same security mode, non-FIPS or FIPS-only.
  • Verify that DNS lookup resolves hostnames of all the servers in the failover setup.
  • Set the following environment variable:

  • Set JAVA_HOME as follows:

    set JAVA_HOME=%EIAM_HOME%/jre
    set PATH=%EIAM_HOME%/jre/bin;%PATH%


    export JAVA_HOME=$EIAM_HOME/jre
    export PATH=$EIAM_HOME/jre/bin:$PATH
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